Visit Veritas at Booth #D3

KubeCon Europe 2023 Diamond Sponsor

RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | April 19–21

At Veritas, we understand the complexities of managing and protecting data on an enterprise scale. Join us at KubeCon to talk with our experts and gain perspective on how you can take control of all your data and applications in a containerized environment with the industry’s most comprehensive and secure cloud-native data management platform.

Are any of your team’s trying to tackle difficult optimization, high-availability, mobility, or protection challenges, such as:

  • How to gain resiliency across availability zones for persistent storage?
  • How to backup/restore/migrate/copy from one K8s implementation to another?
  • How do I ensure continuity of services in the event one region has an outage?
  • How to manage data across multi-cloud frameworks?


Register today and stop by our booth or schedule time with the Veritas team to brainstorm what you need to protect your K8s environments and discover how Veritas can optimize the performance, protection, and availability of your cloud-based data.

Veritas Keynote

Speaker Photo

Petter Sveum

Sr. Distinguished Engineer and Chief Architect, International

Attend the Veritas Keynote at 9:05 a.m., Friday, April 21

Data Protection and Application Recovery in Cloud and Kubernetes​

Customers are moving critical enterprise applications to cloud and Kubernetes architectures to take advantage of elasticity and automation. Critical enterprise applications are often stateful, require persistent storage and disaster recovery orchestration. While data protection and enterprise application recovery in cloud and Kubernetes architectures are crucial, it is often overlooked. Join us for a discussion on best practices to provide integrated, automated, and elastic data protection and disaster recovery in cloud and Kubernetes while providing cyber resiliency, recovery flexibility, and meeting compliance and SLA requirements.​