Flex Appliance

Consolidate multiple NetBackup deployments in a resilient, scalable virtual container environment.

Built on new virtual container technology, the Flex Appliance moves beyond hyperconverged architectures and provides a unified NetBackup environment by making it simple to protect all your workloads and scale without increasing your hardware footprint.

With the Flex Appliance, admins select from a menu of data protection containerized services—for instant protection for virtually any workload—with quick setup and configuration.

And, since NetBackup deployments are created 100% in software, your data protection infrastructure can scale quickly without adding hardware, for even greater operational and capital costs savings.

Simplify enterprise data protection

  • Create deployments in less than 5 minutes
  • Easily consolidate multiple NetBackup domains
  • Optimize infrastructure as demand changes

Resilient architecture

  • Protect multiple deployments with container segregation and isolation
  • Integrated High Reliability minimizes planned and unplanned downtime
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting

Scale with software, not servers

  • Maximize hardware usage with container virtualization
  • Connect to multiple public and private clouds
  • Room to grow with 2 PB usable capacity

Protect multiple deployments with NetBackup

Long recognized as the market leader of enterprise backup and recovery software, NetBackup software is built to protect the largest and most demanding data center environment.

Configure multiple NetBackup deployments using virtual containers on the Flex appliance for enterprise-wide protection.

Integration with multiple public and private clouds

NetBackup CloudCatalyst extends storage of data to a broad portfolio of cloud providers in a deduplicated format. Quickly recover data directly from CloudCatalyst to the NetBackup client. Storing deduplicated data saves both storage and networking costs. Connect to multiple clouds with the Flex appliance by creating NetBackup CloudCatalyst virtual containers in minutes with a few clicks.

Seamless integration with Access Appliance

The Access Appliance is a turnkey deployment of software-defined storage. It’s cost-optimized and tuned for high-capacity workloads like long-term retention, tape replacement and backup archiving. Easily connect to the Access Appliance through a NetBackup CloudCatalyst virtual container on the Flex Appliance. Use Cases Include:

  • Long-term retention for NetBackup and other backup applications
  • Archiving with Enterprise Vault
  • Unstructured file data storage
  • Mixed I/O workloads