Enterprise backup and recovery

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Reduce complexity

Virtualization, cloud, and convergence made simple

With its vast array of hardware, operating system, virtualization, database, application, and storage-related technologies, the modern data center is a complicated place. That’s why NetBackup has long been the trusted choice for enterprises seeking to reduce that complexity and make data protection as manageable as possible for their limited staff. NetBackup is a single solution for the entire enterprise, available on a converged platform, and instrumented to require minimal administration in even the largest, most dynamic environments.

  • Eliminate point products with a single, integrated solution
  • Modernize with a converged backup platform
  • Improve productivity through centralized, policy-based management

Scale with growth

Outpace the growth of data and infrastructure

The relentless growth of data (25–75% per year) compounded by the growth of virtual machines (20% per year) risks outrunning the data protection capabilities of the enterprise. Throwing costly hardware at the problem is not the answer. NetBackup has proven to be one of the most scalable solutions for protecting the enterprise, incorporating cutting edge technologies for data reduction and bandwidth efficiency, while providing extensive indexing and search capabilities.

  • Protect petabytes of data without disrupting the business
  • Mitigate spiraling storage infrastructure costs
  • Quickly find and recover large volumes of data

Amplify your agility

Transform from cost center to business enabler

Public-cloud service providers and IT as a Service paradigms offer compelling business advantages. To best leverage them, IT organizations must transform their current cost-center model into a more agile model that can serve the business more effectively. NetBackup helps them do just that, delivering the solutions that help IT expand into the cloud and embrace more as a service modes of operation. The result: reduced costs and improved quality of service.

  • Safely leverage public-cloud infrastructure and storage
  • Provide self-service to users when possible
  • Reveal insights by understanding your data

Trust the leader in enterprise backup

Protecting your data is our business

Long recognized as the market leader in enterprise backup and recovery software, Veritas NetBackup is engineered to protect the largest and most demanding data center environments. NetBackup delivers breakthrough capabilities for virtualized systems that go well beyond what traditional backup practices can achieve. A single, intuitive management console reveals all backup and recovery activity, allowing consistent policies and service levels to be enforced across the enterprise.

  • Largest share of the enterprise market since 1998
  • Leader in every Gartner Magic Quadrant since inception
  • Winner of the most Best of VMWorld awards in its category
  • 500+ patents awarded in backup and recovery
  • Trusted by 86% of the Fortune 500

Why NetBackup?

New in NetBackup 7.7

Added features for Cloud, Hyper-V, and cDOT

NetBackup bursts into the cloud with dramatic performance improvements to our Amazon S3–compatible cloud connectors. We also continue to improve our industry-leading virtualization capabilities by improving VMware support and introducing new features for Microsoft Hyper-V. Additionally, massive storage environments based on NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP (cDOT) now have enterprise-class protection at their disposal.

  • Up to 30 times faster backups to cloud storage
  • Support for additional cloud storage providers and gateways
  • Enhanced functionality for VMware, Hyper-V, and SQL
  • Integration with NetApp cDOT
  • Introducing NetBackup Self Service and Information Map

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Designed for your data center

Protect everything with a single solution

One of the hallmarks of enterprise IT is heterogeneity. The diversity of platforms, applications, and infrastructure grows along with the size of the enterprise. NetBackup supports a vast array of environments and integrates with every layer of the infrastructure stack to help assure reliable, consistent backups while unlocking the advanced capabilities of the latest storage technologies.

  • Protects physical, virtual, and cloud systems
  • Application, database, and hypervisor aware
  • Snapshot management and orchestration
  • Robust third-party ecosystem supported by open APIs
  • Integrated appliance greatly simplifies infrastructure

Virtual machine integration

Protect your VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments

NetBackup integrates with leading hypervisors to provide real protection for all your virtual environments, including VMware® and Microsoft Hyper-V®. With award-winning Veritas V-Ray technology, backup operators won’t notice the difference between physical and virtual systems as files are restored without mounting and browsing the VM. Backups occur without agents at the image level, and with V-Ray the complete contents of the VM are visible and indexed for restore.

  • Agentless backup at the VM-host level
  • Granular restores within VMs without mount-and-browse
  • Recover by booting from backup storage
  • Automatic discovery and protection of new VMs
  • Self-service access for VM admins via console plug-ins

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Application and database integration

Protect Oracle, SQL, Exchange, and other platforms

To preserve transactional consistency and manage log truncation during hot backup, NetBackup integrates with leading relational database, messaging, application, and big data platforms, including
IBM DB2®, IBM Informix, IBM Lotus Domino®, Microsoft Active Directory®, Microsoft® Exchange Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server, Microsoft SQL Server®, Oracle, SAP HANA, SAP R/3, and SAP Sybase®.

  • Non-disruptive backup
  • API integration to preserve database consistency
  • Log management and truncation
  • New instance discovery and protection
  • Open API allows third-party offerings

Storage and snapshot integration

Leverage technologies from EMC, NetApp, and others

A lot has changed since the days of traditional tape backup. Enterprises now have many choices of where to store backups. NetBackup integrates with a diverse collection of storage technologies without compromising manageability. NetBackup can also protect data at the primary storage system through integration with various snapshot, replication, and NDMP facilities from EMC, HP, Hitachi, IBM, NetApp, and others.

  • Support for backup appliances as well as native disk
  • Storage system snapshots and replication orchestration
  • Cloud storage utilization through cloud connectors or gateways
  • Extensive tape library and drive compatibility
  • Tighter third-party integration via OpenStorage Technology (OST) API

Best in class performance

See how NetBackup fares against the competition

It’s not uncommon for IT organizations to report data growth of 40 to 60 percent per year. To keep pace, you need backups that run as fast as possible without disrupting production activity. NetBackup combines innovative design with the latest technical advancements to deliver impressive performance numbers with minimal impact. In a recent benchmark, NetBackup was more than twice as fast as the nearest competitor at scale.

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Break the backup window

Eliminate full backups forever with NetBackup Accelerator

Eliminate the need for full backups once and for all. With NetBackup Accelerator, only changed blocks are backed up each time. These blocks are combined with previous backups to synthesize a new, full backup for quick recovery.

Complete backups in seconds

Leverage snapshots and replication with Replication Director

Let the storage system run backups for you. With NetBackup Replication Director, hardware snapshots are orchestrated, cataloged, and replicated using storage technologies from vendors such as NetApp and EMC. With snapshots backups can be completed in a matter of seconds and then safely replicated to another storage system.

Back up without disruption

Avoid system, network, and storage bottlenecks

In today's always-online world, enterprises don't sleep. Customers expect responsiveness, not sluggishness, so backups must not interfere with critical operations. NetBackup is engineered to help you minimize disruption to your production environment without compromising your data.

  • Avoid overloading VM hosts with automatic load balancing
  • Configure limits on network utilization
  • Use snapshots to shift loads off production servers

Back up over low-bandwidth networks

Get the most out of limited connections

Whether backing up a remote office, a cloud-hosted workload, or a customer site as part of a backup service, backups over a wide area network (WAN) or the Internet must be as efficient as possible. NetBackup leverages the latest change tracking and deduplication technologies to make these backups not just possible, but practical.

  • Reduce data traffic with Accelerator and client deduplication
  • Compress data streams with WAN optimization
  • Maximize available bandwidth with cloud connectors

Automate storage tiering

Match storage capabilities to service levels

Storage tiering reduces storage costs by moving data to cheaper storage as it ages. With NetBackup Storage Lifecycle Policies the process is completely automated, managing schedules and retention times for each tier. Store an initial backup on disk for one week to enable fast operational recovery, for example, and then automatically move this data to cheaper tape or cloud storage to be retained for seven years.

  • Automate duplication, replication, and indexing tasks
  • Avoid peak times with flexible scheduling
  • Separately index, track, and retain multiple copies

Intelligent deduplication

Reduce your disk storage requirements

NetBackup deduplication shrinks backups by as much as 99 percent, significantly reducing disk storage requirements. Instead of treating all streams equally, NetBackup intelligently recognizes object boundaries to enable higher deduplication rates. You also have the flexibility to deduplicate at the source or target. Client deduplication shrinks data before it travels over the network, while media server deduplication shifts processing off your production servers.

  • Reduce disk storage requirements by as much as 99 percent
  • Reduce network utilization with client deduplication
  • Reduce production impact with media server deduplication

Replication and offsite vaulting

Store data off-site for disaster recovery

No business survives keeping its data in one place. Protect your business from natural disasters and site outages by keeping a copy off-site. NetBackup helps you automate disaster recovery (DR) readiness by storing backups off-site regardless of what storage or transport is used. Auto Image Replication (AIR) and snapshot replication efficiently copy unique data over the network, while NetBackup Vault makes it easy to rotate tapes to and from an off-site storage facility.

  • Keep multiple sites in sync with Auto Image Replication (AIR)
  • Orchestrate hardware-snapshot replication
  • Automate off-site tape rotation
  • Back up or replicate to cloud storage
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Store data securely

Keep your data safe from prying eyes

Backups can be one of the most overlooked security vulnerabilities, especially when those backups are transported or stored off-site by a third party. Whether those backups are held by a records management vendor or a cloud storage provider, NetBackup provides that extra level of security you need to keep your data safe from those who wish to steal it.

  • Encrypt data in flight (source) and at rest (target)
  • Dial up your protection with AES 256-bit encryption
  • Encrypt data on tape using the SCSI T10 standard

Instant recovery

Recover a virtual machine in minutes

The unthinkable happens. Services are down and the clock is ticking. When there's no time to waste, it’s time to recover from backup. With Instant Recovery you can recover a virtual machine by booting directly from backup disk. After the VM is running you can use native tools to move the VM back to primary storage. Even very large VMs can be online within a few minutes.

  • Boot a VM from backup storage to get online quickly
  • Move VM to primary storage in the background
  • Recover up to 10 VMs simultaneously

Fast and flexible recovery options

Get your business back in business

Roll systems back to an earlier point in time by recovering an online hardware snapshot orchestrated by NetBackup Replication Director. With Bare Metal Restore, you can quickly prepare a physical system and eliminate the need to reinstall an OS or manually configure hardware. Recover your physical Windows systems directly into a virtual environment with NetBackup physical-to-virtual (P2V) image conversion.

  • Recover from a hardware snapshot
  • Recover directly to a bare metal system
  • Recover a physical system into a virtual environment

Granular Restore Technology (GRT)

Restore only what you need

Why recover an entire database to restore one email, or mount an entire VM or snapshot to restore one file? With NetBackup you don't have to. NetBackup Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) indexes the contents of backups, making it easy to find, select, and restore specific items without endless trial-and-error guesses at which backups hold the data you need.

  • Restore Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory objects
  • Restore virtual machine objects from an agentless backup
  • Restore objects contained within a hardware snapshot
  • Eliminate the need to restore, mount, and browse the entire backup

Operational restore

Find what you need. Fast.

A single web portal for self-service restores, NetBackup Operational Restore allows you to search across all backups and all systems simultaneously. Search results appear within seconds and users can refine or cancel them as needed to find and restore files fast. All backup copies appear together, regardless of what storage tier they reside on.

  • Quickly search and find what you need
  • Search using up to nine different criteria
  • Easy access from any machine with a browser

Elastic automation with intelligent policies

Never leave data unprotected

NetBackup intelligent policies for virtual machines and databases automatically discover new VMs and database instances and include them in future backups to help you ensure all data is protected. Operations are load balanced to avoid performance bottlenecks, and configuration is centralized for maximum simplicity.

  • Automatically protect new VMs and database instances
  • Load balance operations across available systems
  • Configure a wide selection of attributes and options

Self-service management

Provide users with visibility and control

NetBackup Self Service offers large enterprises and service providers a single “storefront” for all backup and recovery service offerings. Customers and business users can perform self-service backup and restore operations using intuitive, custom-designed interface themes. Service Level Agreement (SLA) measurement, notification, chargeback, and reporting make the service easy to manage.

  • Deliver backup-as-a-service powered by NetBackup
  • Allow users to perform self-service backups and restores
  • Customize an interface that’s right for your users
  • Streamline billing and chargeback
  • Manage multiple tenants with secure separation

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OpsCenter reporting and analytics

Plan for the future

No successful organization stands still. There are always improvements to make, processes to optimize, and costs to reduce. With constant pressures of relentless data growth and escalating service requests, IT is always challenged to do more with less. NetBackup OpsCenter provides extensive reporting and analytics to help understand past results and clarify the road ahead.

  • Leverage point-and-click operational reporting
  • Generate hierarchical, business-level views
  • Report context by line of business or geography
  • View long-term trends, create forecasts, and analyze
  • Measure service level fulfillment

Copilot for Oracle

Self-service Backup and Recovery for database administrators

Veritas revolutionizes the backup and recovery of Oracle databases with NetBackup Copilot for Oracle.

This solution combines industry-leading NetBackup software and NetBackup appliance hardware to deliver breakthrough performance within a self-service operating model. NetBackup Copilot allows DBAs to independently manage backups on their own schedule, maintain visibility across all storage tiers, and recover from any available copy.

Backup administrators can implement policies to manage the storage, retention, and movement of database backup copies on disk, tape, or cloud storage tiers. Copilot dramatically reduces backup times with NetBackup Accelerator for Oracle, significantly increasing database backup performance.

  • Faster backup and recovery of Oracle databases
  • Easy coordination between the DBA and backup admin
  • Reduced storage costs and impacts to production environment


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