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NetBackup: Enterprise Data Backup

Enterprise data backup and recovery optimized for the multi-cloud.

Unified data protection

For cloud, virtual, and physical

Data is growing rapidly and becoming more fragmented across many clouds and virtual environments. Unified data protection is the only way your IT organization can deliver required Service Levels while limiting cost and risk, regardless of whether data resides on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Eliminate the complexity of point solutions and infrastructure management
  • Scale gracefully to mitigate spiraling storage costs and expand into the cloud
  • Deliver as-a-service to streamline operations and improve Service Levels
  • Build an extensible foundation for enterprise data management

Unified data protection on a converged platform

Eliminate the complexity of point solutions and infrastructure management

  • Protect cloud, physical, and virtual with a single, unified solution
  • Modernize infrastructure with a converged backup platform
  • Improve productivity through centralized, policy-based management

World-class scalability and performance

Scale gracefully to mitigate spiraling storage costs and expand into the cloud

  • Protect petabytes of data without disrupting the business
  • Mitigate spiraling storage infrastructure costs
  • Expand into the cloud for virtually limitless storage capacity

As-a-service experience

Deliver as-a-service to streamline operations and improve service levels

  • Provide a self-service experience for DBAs, VM admins, and other users
  • Use convenient pay-as-you-go licensing options to help scale elastically
  • Deliver backup-as-a-service based on a world-class platform

Foundation for enterprise data management

Leverage your NetBackup investment as an extensible foundation to deliver 360 Data Management

New in NetBackup 8.1

  • Faster, storage-efficient backups to the cloud with NetBackup CloudCatalyst
  • Modern protection for Big Data, Hyperconverged, and Open Source workloads
  • Greater than 50% faster backups with NetBackup Accelerator for Dell EMC Isilon
  • Instantly access Oracle databases directly from backup storage with NetBackup Copilot
  • Easier, more flexible deployment options and hardened network security
  • Veritas CloudPoint™ integration orchestrates snapshots from 3PAR, HDS, and Pure
  • NetBackup RestAPI allows customized UX and integration with 3rd party applications

Protect data to, from, and within clouds

Protection and performance via a single platform

NetBackup lets organizations realize the value of the cloud in protecting information. Designed specifically for the diverse challenges of the enterprise, NetBackup protects data wherever it lives—on-premises in data centers and remote sites or off-premises in the cloud—and can store that data on disk, tape, or the cloud.

  • Easily incorporate cloud storage into your backup strategy
  • Enhance the performance of backups and restores using cloud storage
  • Fast, efficient dedupe to cloud storage with NetBackup Cloud Catalyst
  • Protect cloud data and workloads within the cloud
  • Choose from the largest selection of fully-tested cloud service providers

Automated, scalable, multi-cloud integration

Lights out protection for VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV

NetBackup integrates with leading hypervisors to provide real protection for all your virtual environments, including VMware®, Microsoft Hyper-V®, and Nutanix AHV. Backups occur without agents at the image level, and the complete contents of the VM are visible and indexed to provide visibility for granular restore and data management.

  • Protect and recover VMware Cloud Foundation and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud
  • Automated intelligence to discover and protect your virtual infrastructure
  • Accelerate performance up to 100x with incremental forever backups
  • Instantly recover multiple VMs from backup storage when time matters
  • NEW! Socket based pricing for every size enterprise

Integrated software and hardware on a converged system

Eliminate the complexity of infrastructure management

Eliminate the time and effort of installing, configuring, and maintaining your backup and recovery infrastructure. NetBackup integrated appliances combine turnkey data protection with deduplication technology in an easy-to-deploy form factor, providing flexibility and cost savings.

  • Integrate software and hardware in a converged system supported by one vendor
  • See significant cost savings associated with acquisition, deployment, and maintenance
  • Simplify management with automatic monitoring, AutoSupport, and call home features
  • Reduce space and power requirements with high density storage
  • Choose among physical, virtual, and highly-available appliance options

Scale out protection for scale out workloads

Modern protection for Big Data, Hyperconverged, and Open Source

Next-generation workloads fuel the digital enterprise. They generate massive amounts of data leaving traditional data protection behind. New NetBackup Parallel Streaming delivers a modern, parallel streaming architecture to protect the most demanding scale-out, multi-node workloads with on-demand, plugin simplicity.

  • Fast backup and recovery with agentless architecture
  • Protect hundreds of data nodes with petabyte-scale
  • Rapid plugin development accelerates new workload adoption
  • Dynamically scale performance to meet the demands of modern scale-out workloads
  • Support for Nutanix, Hadoop, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgresSQL, SQLite and more on the way

Self-service backup and recovery for database administrators

Streamlined Oracle protection with DBA independence

NetBackup Copilot combines industry-leading NetBackup software and NetBackup appliance hardware to deliver breakthrough performance in a self-service operating model. This solution lets DBAs independently manage backups on their schedule, maintain visibility across all storage tiers, and recover from any available copy.

  • Boost backup and recovery of Oracle databases
  • Instantly access Oracle databases directly from backup storage
  • Easily coordinate between the DBA and backup admin
  • Reduce storage costs and impact to production environment

World-class scalability and performance

Outpace the growth of data and infrastructure

The relentless growth of data (25–75% per year) compounded by the growth of virtual machines (20% per year) risks outrunning the data protection capabilities of the enterprise. Throwing costly hardware at the problem isn’t the answer. NetBackup has proven to be one of the most scalable data protection solutions, incorporating cutting-edge technologies for data reduction and bandwidth efficiency while providing extensive indexing and search capabilities.

  • Protect petabytes of data without disrupting the business
  • Mitigate spiraling storage infrastructure costs
  • Quickly find and recover large volumes of data
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Veritas Technologies is the Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software

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