NetBackup Modern Workload Protection

Unified data protection for next-gen workloads.

Future proof your data protection investment

Keep pace with modern workloads and massive data growth

Today’s enterprise is a complex, heterogeneous environment struggling to cope with accelerating data growth and increasing numbers of next-generation workloads. To meet the demands for protecting the growing numbers of workloads and massive amounts of data requires new technologies and new techniques. New NetBackup Parallel Streaming technology simplifies modern workload backup and recovery, and delivers the performance required to accelerate the transformation to the digital enterprise.

  • Get agentless, native backup and restore for multi-node, scale-out clusters
  • Maximize performance and optimize storage with intelligent discovery and backup
  • Eliminate performance bottlenecks with dynamically scalable parallel streaming
  • Reduce data movement to minimize complexity and risk, save time, and lower cost
  • Protect Big Data, NoSQL, Open Source RDBMS, and commercial workloads

Big Data is now everyday data

The digital enterprise relies on analytics every day to run their business

Big Data is now the mission critical heartbeat for a growing number of organizations. Every day, millions of objects and petabytes of data are analyzed to find that competitive advantage. These critical assets need to be protected with a solution that can keep up.

  • Get native backup and restore to and from scale-out clusters
  • Enable agentless, plugin architecture for fast, easy, on-demand deployment
  • Accelerate protection of petabyte-scale clustered, distributed processing environments
  • Intelligently discover data and node locations for optimized performance and storage
  • Check out the new NetBackup, Platform Base – Big Data Workloads Edition, which extends data protection with the same features and functionality as the complete edition, and at an attractive price
  • Check back soon for HBase, MongoDB, and more
  • Learn more about the Hadoop plugin available now

Hyperconverged is fast, simple, and scales

Your data protection should be fast, simple, and scales

Hyperconverged infrastructures relieve the burden of architecting high performance and efficient virtual environments. They’re easy to deploy, scale, and can be managed from a single console. Think of NetBackup as modern hyperconverged data protection.

  • Dynamically scales to meet the demands of large hyperconverged infrastructures
  • Protect large, scale-out, multi-node architectures with agentless, parallel streaming backup and recovery
  • Eliminate point products with the only solution that protects your entire IT environment
  • Learn more about the Nutanix plugin available now

Hyperconverged for the software defined data center

Rely on software defined data protection for the multi-cloud enterprise

The software defined data center is key to the future of deploying multi-cloud architectures. It enables new and emerging enterprise applications to run no matter where they reside. NetBackup is designed to protect and enable the transformation to the modern digital enterprise.

  • Manage seamless multi-cloud data protection with one solution, one console
  • Get flexible, deploy anywhere options with software, hardware, and virtual appliances
  • Protect scale-out, multi-node architectures with agentless, parallel streaming backup and recovery technology
  • Support for VMware Cloud Foundation, DellEMC VxRail

NoSQL is not just for Big Data

Protect and harness the speed and economics of NoSQL

While NoSQL works well for Big Data analytics, not every organization uses NoSQL for Big Data. NetBackup is designed from the ground up to scale to hundreds of petabytes with the flexibility to protect mission critical relational database applications and now workloads that generate massive streams of unstructured data.

  • Safeguard high transaction NoSQL environments
  • Manage large streams of object-oriented, non-relational data
  • Support scale-out NoSQL workloads designed for distributed environments
  • Enjoy the freedom to deploy new, next-generation NoSQL workloads
  • Check back soon for plugin availability for HBase, MongoDB, and more
  • Learn more about the Hadoop plugin now available now

Open Source is the wave of the future

Future-proof your RDBMS data protection and ride the wave

By 2018, more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS, and 50% of existing commercial RDBMS instances will have been converted or will be in process of being converted. Whether your RDBMS is traditional or Open Source, rely on NetBackup to protect them.

  • Protect and harness the speed and economics of Open Source RDBMS
  • Uniquely integrates leading open source RDBMS database workloads with NetBackup
  • Get new workload support with open APIs for third party integration for NetBackup
  • Learn more about MySQLMariaDBPostreSQL, SQLite plugins available now