InfoScale Enterprise

Software-defined storage and availability for demanding enterprise environments.

Highly available, enterprise-proven software-defined storage

Software-defined storage built for the largest, most demanding organizations can’t compromise on high performance and high availability. Our solution easily spans private, hybrid, and public clouds.

  • Give your most critical databases the high performance and availability they demand
  • Easily extend your storage environment to the cloud
  • Match your storage and costs to the various needs of your enterprise 

Choose enterprise-proven software-defined storage

Scale easily and cost-effectively as needed with hardware-independent storage 

  • Get proven, enterprise-class software-defined storage that runs on highly affordable and legacy storage hardware
  • Protect your existing storage investments without needing to rip-and-replace
  • Choose whatever hardware platforms you need for future storage to minimize hardware spend

Ensure high availability

Get storage you can count on to keep your apps and business running at peak efficiency

  • Keep your storage environment up 24/7 with industry-leading clustering technology
  • Cost-effectively protect mission-critical enterprise apps that require zero down time
  • Address all high availability and disaster recovery scenarios with an application-aware solution

Take a cloud-friendly approach to storage

Save time and money by extending your storage environment to the cloud

  • Use the cloud as an additional storage tier
  • Use the cloud as a disaster recovery target
  • Sharply reduce costs by easily transitioning from storage capital expenses to a cloud-based operating expense model

New in InfoScale

Easy migration and integration with Amazon Web Services

Now you can sharply reduce expenses while maximizing application uptime by easily migrating your enterprise apps and data to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud—on your terms. Used as either a storage target or a platform for your applications, Veritas InfoScale plus AWS forms an ideal, integrated platform to propel your business forward. 

  • Use the AWS cloud to reduce ongoing capital expenses while moving to a cost-effective, predictable operating expense model
  • Manage your storage for optimal performance and cost control on-premises, in the AWS cloud, or both
  • Move data or apps to the AWS cloud at the ideal pace for your business, without missing a beat 

Transitioning to the cloud has never been easier

Use Amazon Web Services as an extended platform for your enterprise apps and data

InfoScale Enterprise makes it easy to start or accelerate your organization’s digital transformation with storage management and high availability that are enterprise-proven and cloud-ready.

  • Significantly reduce costs by moving from a capital expense to an operating expense model
  • Manage your data on-premises, in the cloud, or both from a single, powerful console
  • Use the public cloud as a cost-effective, reliable storage target

Get storage management built for the long haul

Choose enterprise-class storage proven in the most demanding environments

Business uptime and continuity require a platform for apps and storage that can withstand the most extreme disruptions. InfoScale Enterprise is an ideal platform for your most business-critical apps, databases, and storage.

  • Ensure application uptime with a high-availability architecture
  • Manage  your storage for optimal performance, availability, and cost control from a single console
  • Eliminate storage waste

Enable all your enterprise apps to perform at their best

Pick the product designed for peak application performance

Your workloads and apps require fast, 24/7 access to resources. InfoScale Enterprise offers a storage environment designed for optimal workload performance and availability.

  • Ensure apps recover quickly from disruptions or outages with high-availability clustering technology
  • Enable local, metro, or global disaster recovery in case of severe unforeseen circumstances
  • Optimize your storage per workload needs to maintain required performance while minimizing ongoing costs

Veritas Technologies is the Leader in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery Software

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