InfoScale Operations Manager

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Centralized visibility and management

Minimize risks while understanding and managing environment

InfoScale Operations Manager provides visibility across your InfoScale deployment. Alerting and role-based access mean users can learn about and react to events to minimize operational risk.

Key features include:

  • Multi-cluster management
  • Customizable interfaces
  • Centralized audit recording

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Automation for better and easy control

Standardize and accelerate operations

InfoScale Operations Manager enables consistency and speed, with features such as:

  • Virtual Business Services (VBS) – for dependency-aware orchestration
  • Recovery automation – for controlling multi-tier applications
  • Built-in wizards – for SmartIO and flexible storage sharing
  • Policy-driven operations – for data migration and thin reclamation

Extensive reporting

Understand environment and optimize use

Detailed reporting enables detailed understanding. InfoScale Operations Manager supports your decision making through extensive reporting on four key dimensions:

  • Server
  • Storage
  • Availability
  • Licenses

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Next-Gen business continuity and storage management

From Storage Foundation High Availability to InfoScale

Certain products from the Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) family have transitioned to the newer InfoScale family, the next generation of business continuity and storage management by Veritas. InfoScale products offer the option of subscription licensing and broader functionality than individual products in the previous product line.  

InfoScale family members include:

  • InfoScale Enterprise
  • InfoScale Availability
  • InfoScale Storage
  • InfoScale Foundation
  • InfoScale Operations Manager

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InfoScale Foundation

InfoScale Foundation combines our industry-leading File System and Volume Manager technology and delivers a comprehensive solution for heterogeneous online storage management while increasing storage utilization and enhancing storage I/O path availability.

Key features include:

  • Veritas Volume Manager and File System
  • Dynamic multi-pathing
  • Enclosure-based naming
  • Device names using array volume IDs

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InfoScale Storage

A comprehensive software-defined storage solution

Veritas InfoScale Storage enables organizations to provision and manage storage independently of hardware types and locations. InfoScale Storage delivers predictable Quality of Service by identifying and optimizing critical workloads. Manage multiple types of storage to achieve better ROI without compromising on performance and flexibility.

In addition to InfoScale Foundation features InfoScale Storage includes:

  • Cluster File System (including Flexible Storage Sharing)
  • SmartIO (caching that is file system and application aware)
  • Volume and file replication
  • Thin storage reclamation
  • Comprehensive snapshot capabilities

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InfoScale Availability

Extensive capability (including DR) for application availability

Veritas InfoScale Availability helps keep information available and critical business services up and running with a robust, software-defined approach. Organizations can innovate and gain the cost benefits of physical and virtual across commodity server deployments. Maximum IT service continuity is ensured at all times, moving resiliency from the infrastructure layer to the application layer.

Key features include:

  • Veritas Cluster Server
  • Virtual Business Service (VBS) for multitier applications
  • Global Cluster Option for cross-site, long-distance DR
  • Adaptive HA (high availability)

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InfoScale Enterprise

Extensive application availability coupled with software-defined storage

Veritas InfoScale Enterprise provides resiliency and software-defined storage for critical services across your data center infrastructure.  Realize better ROI and unlock high performance by integrating next-generation storage technologies. The solution provides high availability and disaster recovery for complex, multi-tiered applications across any distance in physical and virtual environments.

In addition to InfoScale Storage and InfoScale Availability features, InfoScale Enterprise includes:

  • Support for Oracle RAC
  • Support for Sybase ASE CE
  • High-availability support for Cluster File System

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