New NetBackup Flex Appliances Set Standard in Turnkey Cyber-Resilient Data Protection

Protection July 13, 2023

On Thursday July 13 Veritas announced the general availability of the new NetBackup Flex 5360 and NetBackup Flex 5260 appliances along with the release of NetBackup Flex 3.2 software. The new NetBackup Flex Appliances offer up to a 35% increase in backup performance to take on the accelerating demands of on-premises data protection.

The new NetBackup Flex 5360 appliance with over 2PB of storage has the performance and capacity to take on the largest most demanding data protection workloads in the central data center. The new NetBackup Flex 5260 appliance with over 440 TB of capacity is the preferred choice to protect small and medium size departments in the enterprise all the way up to critical jobs in the core data center.

Cyber-security continues to be a critical concern for IT organizations. NetBackup Flex appliances are a turnkey cyber-resilient data protection solution based on a mult-layer security architecture that can protect against all potential attack vectors from the user to the operating system.

For fast and reliable recovery an Isolated Recovery Environment can be easily deployed with NetBackup Flex appliances without the need for third party components.

Based on industry leading NetBackup software the NetBackup Flex 5360 and 5260 appliances will set a new standard for enterprise class on-premises cyber-resilient data protection. To find out more visit the NetBackup Flex appliance page on or read Tom Kozlowski’s blog.

Roger Stein
Product Marketing Manager, Appliances
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