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End-to-end eDiscovery and compliance management.

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Collect, review, analyze, and produce information for legal requirements.

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Data volumes have skyrocketed worldwide, making it more difficult to meet discovery deadlines and budgets. To stay ahead of this growing challenge, you need greater visibility and control over your data. Veritas eDiscovery solutions deliver powerful, end-to-end capabilities that optimize the performance and efficiency of your compliance management.

Defensible eDiscovery and compliance management across the EDRM.

Easily search for relevant information and fulfill investigative requests.

Identify and Analyze

Capture information required to meet legal and compliance requirements.

Minimize Compliance Risks

Build defensible, targeted data collections from any content source.

Expand Analytics

Review data efficiently with better visibility into your eDiscovery solution.

Enhance Discovery

Review relevant data quickly for compliance, legal, and privacy investigations.

Gain visibility and control for more effective compliance management.

Expand data collection to the sources most relevant to your regulatory compliance, internal policies, and eDiscovery initiatives. With purpose-built review and upstream eDiscovery capabilities, you can simplify data gathering and stay ahead of potential legal and investigation issues.

  • Capture information from more than 120 content sources.
  • Access collaboration content including chat, email, social media, audio and video communications, and more.
  • Minimize compliance risk by using existing infrastructure instead of relying on a third-party integration.
  • Locate relevant data quickly for discovery, supervision, privacy, and legal challenges.
  • Allow designated reviewers and administrators to easily perform self-service, online exports of search results.

Simplify migration and data retention.

Perform seamless data archiving and data retention to identify key content autonomously and reduce compliance risks. 

  • Safeguard data retention information in a single, searchable online repository within our secure and private multitenant data centers. 
  • Synthesize intelligence across unstructured data sources to minimize business and compliance risk. 
  • Preserve unstructured data and make it discoverable through classification and indexing. 

Minimize risk through intelligent eDiscovery.

With automated data classification based on expert-trained systems and AI, you can make highly informed decisions to help manage compliance risks.

  • Identify more than 1,100 data types using expert-trained patterns out of the box, or customize your own. 
  • Safeguard sensitive data using machine learning to target and apply appropriate controls. 
  • Remove noise to minimize the time and effort associated with review. 

Classify and control unstructured data for stronger compliance management.

Leverage easy-to-use reporting to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and consistently apply data classification policies.

  • Reduce storage costs by identifying what data you should keep and what you can defensibly delete.
  • Leverage user-risk scores to assess potential threats and prioritize high-risk data. 
  • Enable content owners to easily apply policies using a self-service portal. 

Use case for Veritas Alta eDiscovery.

How to gain control over the explosion of Microsoft Teams data.

Ensure compliant communications across your organization with these industry-leading products.

Data Insight

Enterprise-class data compliance and governance.

eDiscovery Platform

Respond quickly and easily to legal, regulatory, and discovery requests.

Veritas Alta™ eDiscovery

End-to-end eDiscovery as a service in the cloud.

Enterprise Vault

Automated data capture and information archiving.

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