Why Veritas

We solve our customers’ biggest data challenges.

Cyber resiliency for a multi-cloud world.

Veritas is uniquely equipped to give organizations of all sizes complete control over data management and protection. Our integrated product portfolio is engineered to solve the most complex data challenges facing enterprises today. For our customers, that translates into a comprehensive and unified data management experience that delivers next level protection, performance, and resiliency across any environment.

Your cyber resiliency strategy has vulnerability gaps. We can close them.

In today’s fast-evolving IT landscape, we are focused on four key customer priorities.


Ransomware attacks and their financial impacts are rising exponentially. Enterprises are feeling exposed, with their critical data widely distributed across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Veritas provides a unified platform approach designed to extend beyond data protection, delivering multi-layered, proactive solutions that ensure cyber resiliency.

  • 100% protection for any workload, any cloud
  • Complete visibility and detection
  • Flexible, rapid recovery


The growth of remote workforces has accelerated the adoption of enterprise cloud services and SaaS applications. For many IT organizations, this means highly dispersed complexity. How do you optimize multi-cloud data and apps for always-on availability? How do you protect cloud-based assets against ransomware threats? How do you ensure rapid disaster recovery? These are the challenges our products are built to solve.


Digital transformation isn’t just redefining how businesses operate, it’s intensifying the regulatory rules that govern them. The multitude of operating environments and communication platforms now in use make compliance administration more demanding than ever. Our integrated portfolio of compliance products synthesizes intelligence across data sources to streamline access, deliver insights, and minimize risk.


Complexity leads to costs—it’s a simple equation. You can see it at work in the scattershot approach of our competitors, with their third-party dependencies, add-on licenses, and extra infrastructure requirements. Conversely, Veritas offers a unified data management experience across all your operating environments. The result is greater efficiencies of scale and resources, which ultimately translates into long-term savings.

Unmatched scale and versatility.

No other provider comes close to matching our broad reach and seamless integration across the IT landscape.


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Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies, including 95% of the Fortune 100.

See how we solve our customers' biggest data challenges.