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Secure, compliant, and available data management for AWS cloud services.

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Reduce AWS solution downtime. Keep critical apps up and running.

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Veritas and AWS offer a comprehensive solution set to keep your data secure, compliant, and available no matter where it resides. From migration to your bottom line, Veritas is key to managing the data and applications within your AWS environment.

Tackle ransomware and cyber threats with a unified approach.

Secure and well-managed data is crucial to business success. Together, Veritas and AWS offer tools to ensure data protection, availability, and compliance across platforms.

Enterprise Data Protection

  • Gain complete visibility to all data across AWS.
  • Secure all data and applications running in AWS.
  • Implement turnkey air-gapped protection for faster recovery and improved cyber resiliency.
  • Use insights to optimize resources to meet business objectives.

High Availability and Easy Migration

  • Run automated and orchestrated migrations to and from AWS.
  • Perform non-disruptive test migration and resiliency operations.
  • Scale your AWS data easily to meet seasonal demand with predictable costs.


  • Monitor and classify content to illuminate dark data and security risks.
  • Ensure data is captured in full fidelity, retaining the complete, original state and structure.
  • Enable retention of communications for corporate governance and other mandates.
  • Remediate and reduce compliance risk with unmatched flexibility and versatility.
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Secure Cloud Data Management Platform

Veritas Alta™ brings together a best-in-class portfolio of cloud-based data services in a single, powerful platform. Take control of data protection, application resiliency, and data compliance and governance.

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