Customer Licensing Program

Simplified purchasing for our customers.

Program overview.

The Veritas Licensing Program is designed to provide our customers with a simple purchasing process to access our entire portfolio of information management software, appliances, maintenance/support and services.

Features & Benefits

  • No minimum purchase.
  • Access to entire solution portfolio.
  • Built-in Quantity-Tiered discounts within specific product families.
  • Easy to buy via standard certificate-based terms and conditions.
  • License deployment in country of purchase.1

Licensing Program Eligibility

The licensing program is open to all our customers.

Volume-based Discounting

Volume-based discounts are available on select products and services. These discounts will be applied at the time of each transaction. Discounts are based on individual order line quantity. Discount thresholds vary by offering. 


Licensing Program at a Glance

Features Licensing Program
Minimum Purchase Requirements 1 licensing, no minimum    
Agreement Type Certificate
License Deployment Rights In country of purchase
Decentralized Purchasing No
Available Support and Maintenance Purchases Yes
Consolidation of Support and Maintenance No
Veritas Agreement Number No
Subject to EU Free Movement of Goods.

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