Dark Data Assessment

A simple and rapid assessment to help identify where your organization can save millions on storage and locate risk.
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The Veritas Dark Data Assessment is an easy to deploy tool that scans your unstructured data, performs risk analysis, and delivers published reports in as little as 24 hours, giving you an immediate action plan to reduce risk and storage cost.

The Dark Data Assessment is simple to run. It uses Veritas™ Data Insight–a tool that analyzes file metadata to provide actionable intelligence to users.

The Dark Data Assessment can be completed in three quick steps:

  1. Identify and configure target data: Identify a data source that represents the type of data your organization stores. Configure the source to be accessed by our scanning tool.
  2. Scan the data source: Data Insight collects analytics about the target data, such as file metadata and permissions information.
  3. Generate report!