High performance at scale with AWS and Veritas.

Veritas is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and has the following AWS designations: Storage and Government Competencies, Public Sector Partner, AWS Outpost Ready, and Marketplace Seller.

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Global, scalable solution for cloud data protection and storage.

No other technology helps organizations manage data on AWS better than Veritas. Whether backing up to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), archiving to Amazon S3 Glacier, migrating workloads to Amazon EC2, or making sure that mission-critical apps are highly available and recoverable across multiple availability zones, Veritas provides high-performance cloud solutions at scale.

Data Management Solutions for the Modern Workload

Unified Data Protection

Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec make data protection and long-term data retention seamless across all your environments, whether physical, virtual or in AWS’s Amazon Simple Storage Solutions (S3) or Amazon S3 Glacier tiers.

Predictable Performance

Veritas InfoScale gives you a single approach to architect business uptime for your mission critical applications. Address all high availability and disaster recovery scenarios with an application aware solution across physical, virtual, and AWS instances.

Move to the Cloud

Veritas Resiliency Platform makes it easy and efficient to migrate any size of apps to AWS. Pairing automated replication in conjunction with Veritas NetBackup deduplication capabilities allows you to realize cost savings over managing your data on-premises.

Veritas ensures the resilience of cloud data and applications on AWS.

AWS Storage Use Cases

Optimize your data and applications for protection, performance, availability, and cost-efficiency.

Enterprise-Grade Data Protection

Veritas NetBackup offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for protecting your cloud-based data and applications on AWS.

Seamlessly manage and protect your cloud data and applications.


The #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution.


Optimized availability and performance for enterprise applications.

Backup Exec

Simple, complete backup and recovery protection for your small-to-midsize business.

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