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Reduce Cloud Spend with Veritas

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Take control of your data, spend, and security in the cloud. 

The cost of cloud services is increasing, and it can be difficult to manage your spending. But there are ways to keep your costs down—and make sure you're getting the most out of your cloud investment. With Veritas solutions, you can stop worrying about your organization's escalating cloud spend and start taking control. With Veritas Data Management Solutions, you can reduce your cloud TCO:   

  • Only pay for resources as needed.
  • Move data to lower-cost storage tiers.
  • Powerful deduplication.
  • Dynamically provision cloud compute resources.
  • Ensure protection requirements are always met.

With less management time and unified, agnostic view of your cloud environment providing the needed insights to optimize your data footprint, Veritas will help reduce your cloud spend and plan for the future. Learn more about multi-cloud data security and how to cut your cloud spend. Download the white paper.