Hubstor Is Now the New NetBackup SaaS Protection and Generally Available

Protection May 17, 2021

We’ve got huge news to share about the general availability of NetBackup SaaS Protection! It’s been a very exciting time here at Veritas. We announced our acquisition of HubStor back in January. Since then, we’ve received many customer and partner inquiries eager to learn more about our latest product addition and how it strengthens our Veritas portfolio. Before getting to the details, let me provide some background.

The rapid shift to SaaS

We’ve seen that the future of IT is cloud services. The rapid acceleration of adoption that’s happened over this past year is incredible. Microsoft 365 Teams now has 145 million active users. Compare this to the 20 million they had a few months before the pandemic. We’ve all experienced a historical event together, and we’ve all adapted, changing how we work and operate. It’s been impressive to see how rapidly IT teams shifted operations to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications like Microsoft 365. Organizations who’ve adopted SaaS solutions are not only saving time and money – they’re also experiencing other benefits such as ease of use and management, high performance, and greater convenience. SaaS applications are part of organizations’ mission-critical workflows. Relying on these SaaS applications is now built into organizations’ DNA and daily work.

It’s official – SaaS is here to stay.

The need for SaaS data protection

Now that SaaS applications have become mission-critical, it’s essential that organizations adequately protect their cloud data. We have been having many conversations with our customers on this exact topic. First and foremost, organizations need to understand the cloud, but especially need to realize that it is the SaaS customer’s responsibility to manage and protect their data. Data protection built into SaaS applications is not enough. SaaS data has the same challenges that on-premises data has always faced: accidental (or malicious) deletions, data corruption, and ransomware – yes, even data in the cloud isn’t safe from ransomware.

SaaS data protection is new territory for many organizations. Survey results published on March 31, 2021 show that 45% of respondents were completely unaware of the Shared Responsibility Model and assumed that their data was being regularly backed up by the SaaS providers – even though that simply isn’t the case. 40% of SaaS users have reported losing at least some of their data.

The survey results point to the necessity of a reliable backup and recovery solution for SaaS applications for organizations to ensure that they are protected against data loss.

NetBackup SaaS Protection has your back

Veritas wanted to provide a SaaS backup solution designed to meet enterprise needs in the SaaS space. This is why Veritas acquired HubStor and has accelerated efforts to bring enterprises a solution that has:

  • High performance and scalability
  • Granular controls and hosting flexibility
  • Enterprise-grade security built-in
  • Availability in global data center locations to meet data sovereignty needs
  • A cloud-optimized platform that can also address eDiscovery
  • Been built upon a cloud platform that enterprises already trust

To accomplish this, Veritas has renamed HubStor to NetBackup SaaS Protection.  As a part of the NetBackup family of data protection solutions, it helps build our Enterprise Data Services Platform.

The Big News

I am thrilled to announce that NetBackup SaaS Protection is generally available today. 

NetBackup SaaS Protection is a backup-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that extends Veritas’ enterprise data protection capabilities by enabling enterprises to protect their SaaS application data, including Microsoft 365, Box, Slack, and Google Drive as well as protecting on-premises file data. It allows organizations to simplify their IT infrastructure and achieve compliance by uniquely converging data protection, data governance, and cloud storage through a simple and reliable service.  It provides granular data management controls, enterprise-grade security, high performance, scalability, and flexible restore options while leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure.

For more information, check out the NetBackup SaaS Protection – Microsoft 365 Backup data sheet. To get more information or schedule a demo of NetBackup SaaS Protection, contact us to connect with a Veritas team member who can help you out.

Stacie Poon
Sr Princ Product Manager, Backup Exec Product Management
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