NetBackup 10, powered by Cloud Scale Technology, now available

Protection April 04, 2022

During Conquer Every Cloud, we gave you a first look at the significant features in NetBackup 10. Today’s release, along with NetBackup SaaS Protection and NetBackup IT Analytics, leaves no doubt that Veritas is the industry leader in cloud data management and long-term retention.

NetBackup 10, powered by Veritas’ Cloud Scale Technology architecture, is the industry's first cloud-optimized, at-scale data protection solution that delivers a more cost-effective, secure, and sustainable cloud with automated, elastic operations.

Cloud optimizations simplify data protection and reduce cost

NetBackup 10 radically simplifies your data protection across multi-cloud environments, streamlines cyber resiliency, and advances visibility and insights into data throughout your entire estate.

  • Enhanced cloud capabilities, including expanded support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, eliminate the complexities of the multi-cloud environment. 
  • NetBackup's leading cloud dedupe services and Elastic Cloud Backup From Snapshots reduce cloud storage costs by 95 percent.
  • Elastic multi-cloud compute services deliver the exact scale businesses need, reducing their cloud compute instances by up to 40 percent.
  • With support for all major Kubernetes distributions, NetBackup 10 now provides multi-cloud cross-platform recovery, allowing users to recover the data they want to any Kubernetes distribution.

Increased efficiency through simplified operations

NetBackup SaaS Protection is now integrated with NetBackup 10 to provide a unified view of their entire data protection estate for governance and compliance purposes. The latest release of NetBackup SaaS Protection also delivers support for Google Workspaces and furthers existing global investments with Internationalization support, significant M365 performance improvements, AD Groups awareness, simplified provisioning, and enhanced security controls.

NetBackup IT Analytics is also fully integrated into NetBackup 10 as a new, no-cost base version to provide artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analytics that streamlines data protection services and mitigates risks.

NetBackup 10 also features new automated detection and protection for more Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) workloads, including Apache Cassandra, all major Kubernetes distributions, and Microsoft Azure Managed SQL and Azure SQL.

Enhanced ransomware resiliency through integrated malware scanning

NetBackup’s already powerful, AI-driven anomaly detection now automatically initiates malware scanning to provide content-aware, granular flexibility for rapidly restoring clean data. In addition:

  • NetBackup 10 expands its cyber-resilient, immutable data protection policies to AWS, Azure, and Seagate Lyve clouds, providing more options and flexibility for secure, long-term cloud-based data retention.
  • NetBackup Access LTR Appliance now enables you to retain a second copy of SaaS application data on-premises, helping businesses protect their SaaS data with another layer of ransomware protection and meet their crucial compliance requirements.

NetBackup 10, powered by Cloud Scale Technology, represents a significant milestone and is the first step in Veritas delivering the industry's first AI-powered autonomous data management solution on an elastic, multi-cloud optimized platform.

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We announced these features and our vision to deliver autonomous data management at last month’s Conquer Every Cloud event. Catch the reply here.

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Doug Matthews
SVP, Data Protection Product Management
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