Ransomware Resiliency: AWS Outposts Service Ready Solution

Veritas Perspectives December 14, 2020

The development of a ransomware solution is analogous to an African proverb or a derivative in that “ It takes a village to ………….” deliver or raise a solution that achieves market adoption. That statement couldn’t be more applicable today as we leverage our strategic partnerships to develop and deliver meaningful solutions that tackle the most complex problems facing customers. Veritas has partnered with Pure Storage and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a high-performance backup and recovery solution that provides resiliency against ransomware. With Veritas NetBackup™ and Pure Storage FlashBlade, you can protect your AWS Outposts environment while enjoying the benefits of seamless NetBackup management and orchestration, scalable rapid restore, and ransomware protection.

Scalable Rapid Restore

Pure Storage FlashBlade is a next-gen, all-flash solution that delivers native scale-out file and object storage with high-speed read and write performance for any unstructured data and application requirements. The integration between NetBackup and Pure Storage FlashBlade achieves high rates of storage efficiency from NetBackup deduplication and FlashBlade compression along with extreme restore performance, which minimizes application downtime.

SafeMode Snapshots

Pure Storage FlashBlade has a built-in feature called SafeMode snapshots that allows you to create encryption-resistant, read-only snapshots of your backup data and backup catalog. SafeMode snapshots also provides additional credential protection levels to help protect NetBackup and AWS Outposts backups from ransomware attacks. In the event of a ransomware attack, FlashBlade provides valid backup images and a high-speed recovery platform to get your AWS Outposts applications up and running with minimal downtime.

NetBackup Deployment Considerations

The diagram below visually represents the backup and restore workflow, showing how the backup image is ingested into the MSDP and the deduplication data stream then is written out to a data immutable FlashBlade storage target over an NFS interface. The rapid recovery enables data to be restored directly to the client in the event of a ransomware attack where you need to recover the last known good copy of data and start your application(s) with minimal downtime. 

Figure 2. Veritas NetBackup running outside AWS Outposts
Figure 1. Veritas NetBackup running within AWS Outposts

Architectural Diagram

The illustration below shows how a single AWS Outposts network deployment leverages two primary interfaces with a local gateway network that extends out to the local customer network and a service link that connects back to the AWS region. The service link is the interface used by AWS to provide 7x24x365 monitoring of the platform infrastructure. The switches included in the AWS Outposts platform labeled “Outposts device” connect to the customer’s top-of-rack switches labeled “Customer device”; from here, the network extends out to the customer’s local network and the AWS public network/region, respectively.

Multi-Region Deployment

 Enterprises using this hybrid-cloud solution for edge deployments with multiple edge sites can scale across physical sites and regions, providing a seamless management experience across deployments. Below is an example reference architecture of a multi-region deployment.


Veritas, Pure Storage, and AWS have partnered to deliver a hybrid-cloud solution that not only provides backup and recovery but also resiliency against a ransomware attack. The solution does so through data immutability and a rapid recovery mechanism that restores your data and services, providing your business with the speed, agility, and competitive business advantage needed in today’s digital economy.

Next Steps

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