Cloud Scale Technology

Increase data resilience with a containerized architecture orchestrated by Kubernetes.


Cloud-native, containerized architecture with elasticity at its core.

Cloud Scale Technology is a containerized architecture that optimizes multi-cloud compatibility, strengthens cyber resilience, and helps control IT spend. As the cloud-native foundation that powers Veritas Alta™ Data Protection and Veritas Alta™ Backup as a Service, it delivers next-level performance and cost savings with the flexibility of a service-oriented architecture.

A modern, cloud-native architecture to optimize resources.

Get the benefits of Kubernetes for central management and orchestration.


Services autonomously grow and shrink to optimize cloud resources.


Service-oriented approach saves up to 90% in overall storage costs.


Integrated SaaS protection provides stronger application resiliency.


Seamless backup and recovery to, from, and between clouds at scale.

Improve operational agility and control.

Cloud Scale Technology is a services-based vs. server-based architecture. It enables services such as data movement, web service, job scheduling, and job manager to run in nodes and pods. Utilizing technologies like AI, machine learning, and microservices, this containerized architecture delivers advanced capabilities, including:

  • Cloud-native snapshots with automated snapshot management
  • Cloud-native immutable storage as a target
  • Small-scale starting deployment size with infinite growth
  • Elastic snapshots and backup for cost and performance optimization
  • Automated malware scanning, plus integrated SaaS protection

Gain efficiency and cost savings with elasticity.

Cloud Scale Technology’s elastic services autonomously grow and shrink as needed to optimize cloud resource usage and costs. The creation and removal of nodes and pods happens automatically, reducing the compute resources used.

  • Pay only for the cloud resources you use
  • Scale up and down as needed, saving up to 40% in cloud resource costs
  • Maintain consistent high performance in both backup and recovery

Optimize your use of cloud storage.

Cloud Scale Technology does backup with enhanced deduplication vs. snapshots. Data movement and deduplication occur on elastic ephemeral nodes to minimize required resources and maintenance. 

  • Save up to 90% in cloud storage costs
  • Optimize storage utilization and simplify recovery
  • Enable global deduplication across all media nodes
  • Deduplication occurs on object storage eliminating the need for expensive block storage or virtual arrays

Ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure.

Cloud Scale Technology supports the resilience of your infrastructure with automated anomaly detection that proactively identifies potential problems and corrects them before they can do harm. To further enable a self-healing infrastructure, this containerized architecture delivers advanced features like these:

  • Immutable storage targets for efficient backup storage
  • Automatic recover component with the ability to spawn a new node or pod in the event one stops functioning
  • Easy-to-deploy containerized upgrades
  • Automatic regional failover within Azure

Simplify your workflow with multi-cloud compatibility.

Cloud Scale Technology is completely cloud agnostic, enabling you to seamlessly backup your data to any cloud and recover a clean copy to any cloud. It’s the next level in cross-cloud mobility.

  • Automate workload discovery via the Intelligent Cloud Policy Engine
  • Run on AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds
  • Backup and recover between different clouds with ease

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