Veritas NetBackup™ 53xx Appliance Initial Configuration Guide

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Product(s): Appliances (4.1)
Platform: NetBackup Appliance OS

About IPv4-IPv6-based network support

The NetBackup appliance is supported on a dual stack IPv4-IPv6 network and can communicate with IPv6 clients for backups and restores. You can assign an IPv6 address to an appliance, configure DNS, and configure routing to include IPv6 based systems.

Either the NetBackup Appliance Web Console or the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu can be used to enter the IPv4 and IPv6 address information.

Review the following considerations for IPv6 addresses:

  • Only global addresses can be used, not addresses with link-local or node-local scope. Global-scope and unique-local addresses are both treated as global addresses by the host.

    Global-scope IP addresses refer to the addresses that are globally routable. Unique-local addresses are treated as global.

  • You cannot use both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address in the same command. For example, you cannot use Configure 9ffe::9 You should use Configure 9ffe::46 64 9ffe::49 eth1.

  • Embedding the IPv4 address within an IPv6 address is not supported. For example, you cannot use an address like 9ffe::

  • You can add an appliance media server to the primary server if the IPv6 address and the host name of the appliance media server are available.

    For example, to add an appliance media server to the primary server, enter the IPv6 address of the appliance media server as follows:


    Main > Network > Hosts add 9ffe::45 v45 v45

    Main > Settings > NetBackup AdditionalServers Add v45

    You do not need to provide the IPv4 address of the appliance media server.

  • A pure IPv6 client is supported in the same way as in NetBackup.

  • You can enter only one IPv4 address for a network interface card (NIC) or bond. However, you can enter multiple IPv6 addresses for a NIC or bond.

  • The Main_Menu > Network > Hosts command supports multiple IPv6 addresses to be assigned to the same host name having one network interface card (NIC). However, only one IPv4 address can be assigned to a specific host name having one NIC using this command.

  • You can add an IPv6 address of a network interface without specifying a gateway address.

    For more details, see the NetBackup Appliance Command Reference Guide.