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The most comprehensive and secure cloud data management platform.


Delivering the broadest array of enterprise-class data services.

Veritas Alta™ brings together a comprehensive portfolio of essential data services in a single, powerful platform. This robust offering of capabilities is purpose-built for modern workloads and engineered to achieve optimal security and performance at scale across any environment — hybrid, multi-cloud, public, private, edge, or on-premises. If you manage data in the cloud, you need Veritas Alta.

Take control of all your enterprise data and applications.

Across any cloud, any environment, at any scale.

Data Protection

Gain unmatched resiliency with automated, intelligent recovery and complete visibility.

Application Resiliency

Ensure performance, availability, and cross-cloud mobility for the always-on business.

Data Compliance & Governance

Capture and visualize everything. Archive anywhere. Discover what matters most.

Safeguard data wherever it lives for unmatched cyber resilience.

Our flexible, cloud-native architecture combines artificial intelligence, automation, and elasticity to deliver the most cost-effective, resilient, and self-defending cloud data protection available.

For ultimate cloud control, Veritas Alta provides visibility across your entire environment while reducing the attack surface with multi-layered security built with a zero trust posture. This includes: 

  • Secure by default.
  • AI-powered Veritas Alta™ Copilot and anomaly detection to improve operational efficiencies.
  • Automated malware scanning and intelligent cyber recovery.
  • Immutability.
  • Non-disruptive recovery rehearsal.
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Veritas Resolves Human and Infrastructure Challenges of Cyber Resilience with New AI-Powered Solutions

  • Eliminate the complexity of enterprise data management with AI-powered Veritas Alta™ Copilot.
  • Benefit from a self-defending data protection solution with self-learning multi-factor authentication and multi-person authentication.
  • Rapidly identify ransomware attacks with the patent-pending, in-line entropy-based anomaly detection. 

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Optimize application performance, availability, and resiliency.

Unlike point products or cloud service provider tools, Veritas Alta provides application resiliency solutions that support all major cloud infrastructures whether virtual, containerized, or bare metal. This common set of tools safeguards your mission-critical services against unplanned downtime in several key ways:

  • By enabling highly available applications across a multi-cloud environment.
  • By delivering the agility to respond at scale to ever-changing business needs.
  • By making it easy to move applications across public and private clouds or repatriate them to on-premises.

Illuminate and remediate information risk.

Veritas is the industry’s #1 choice for data capture and content classification. We offer the only suite of solutions with flexible deployment options — from on-premises, IaaS, hybrid, virtual, and SaaS.

Our compliance and governance offering unites cloud functionality and enables organizations to make informed decisions about all the information they store. With Veritas Alta you can automate content classification, easily discover relevant data for legal proceedings, eliminate “dark data” to reduce risk, and optimize your data footprint.

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