Veritas Alta™ View for Data Protection

Centralized AI-powered hybrid and multi-cloud data management console.

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Easily manage data protection across any environment, at any scale.

Veritas Alta™ View is a secure management platform — delivered as a service — that brings together data from all your Veritas-managed domains into a single, aggregated view. With the enhanced visibility and control of this all-in-one interface, you can easily manage all your critical data protection requirements at any scale across hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments. Start using Veritas Alta View today at no cost with most Veritas licenses.

Visibility and control through a single pane of glass.

Unify Data Management

Single, secure console for easy access to all your data protection services — cloud-based and on-premises.

Reduce Complexity

Built-in tools and services simplify data protection and increase the efficiency of your operations.

Minimize Risk

Centralized control and global visibility reduce your cyber vulnerabilities and safeguard your data wherever it lives.

Gain Insight

Comprehensive data analytics and in-depth reporting to optimize enterprise data protection.

Centralize control of data management and protection.

Veritas Alta View aggregates data from across your organization into a single, unified management console — extending your visibility and expanding your range of options.

  • Unify all your managed domains, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Streamline, simplify, and optimize cyber resilience with Veritas Alta™ Copilot.
  • Collaborate across departments by allowing users to access and edit specific resources based on their role.
  • Access the full portfolio of Veritas Alta capabilities for comprehensive and secure data management.

Optimize data operations and increase efficiency.

Veritas Alta View reduces the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud data management by providing unified tools and capabilities that increase operational efficiency while mitigating the risk of cyberattacks.

  • Streamline global protection policy management through single-click deployment for increased efficiency.
  • Set alerts for storage lifecycle policies (SLPs) to ensure timely action on image-age threshold.
  • Employ built-in workflows and audits to enhance operational processes and compliance.
  • Centralize critical event tracking, providing a unified view for swift response to potential issues.
  • Gain comprehensive insights into infrastructure components for better resource management.
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Veritas Alta Copilot: AI-powered Assistant

  • Accessible within Veritas Alta View as a conversational assistant.
  • Responds to natural language questions.
  • Assists with system configuration, troubleshooting, ​and optimization.
  • Automates admin tasks, simplifies complex data management, identifies cyber vulnerabilities, and enhances operational efficiency through dynamic data visualization.
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Safeguard against threats to your data and applications.

Veritas Alta View is hosted on an enterprise-hardened foundation. It is configured and optimized to meet high levels of security requirements and verification, ensuring the cyber resilience of your organization.

  • Implement data isolation for enhanced security and privacy measures.
  • Utilize role-based access control (RBAC), single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for robust identity management.
  • Enhance security with adaptive MFA and multi-person authentication (MPA) based on user behavior.
  • Employ patent-pending entropy for efficient anomaly detection.
  • Ensure data encryption at rest and in transit, with certificate-based communication between Veritas Alta View and servers.

Guide your data management strategy with predictive insights.

Veritas Alta View provides intelligent data analytics and predictive insights that help you make well-informed decisions about trends and future planning.

  • Optimize your cloud investment by analyzing spend and usage patterns.
  • Protect and secure sensitive information by determining what data needs to be retained and how it should be protected.
  • Measure the success rate of backups to make sure goals are met and data is backed up properly.
We use Veritas Alta View as a single management console to our NetBackup estate, Veritas Alta SaaS Protection, and soon, Recovery Vault. This provides our small backup team the ability to secure and protect our on-prem and cloud workloads with complete control and confidence.
David Morris
IT Specialist
East Lothian Council (Scotland)

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