NetBackup IT Analytics

Unified IT analytics and insights across multicloud environments.

Unified insights across your IT environment.

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NetBackup IT Analytics delivers unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and cloud services. Gain actionable insights through a single-pane of glass for enterprise data wherever it resides.

Reduce complexity with single-platform reporting.

Quickly and effectively aggregate insights from all environments through a single, unified interface.


Monitor global dashboards for visibility across multi-cloud environments.


Predict failures and reduce SLA risks with proactive recommendations.


Streamline audits and backup compliance with pre-built reporting features.

Hybrid cloud

Organize and monitor IT analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Optimize cloud migration and resources
  • Reduce costs by rightsizing cloud infrastructure
  • Reduce risk for applications
  • Visualize relevant IT relationships

Data center optimization

Streamline backup auditing with meaningful reports that feed into your existing assets.

  • Optimize IT resilience to meet established SLAs
  • Identify unprotected datasets and cyberattacks
  • Eliminate failed or partial backups
  • Save up to 35% in costs across storage infrastructures
  • Identify risk gaps or overprotection storage costs

Storage optimization

Collect thousands of unique data points to identify and reclaim unused storage.

  • Save up to 35% in costs across storage infrastructures
  • Simplify capacity planning to optimize asset utilization
  • Generate on-prem savings and use savings to modernize the cloud
  • 24% reduction in consumed storage resources
  • Leverage agentless data collectors on-prem and in the cloud

Public cloud

Manage and optimize cloud business value with greater IT visibility.

  • Reduce costs by rightsizing and optimizing cloud infrastructure
  • Unified insights from multi-cloud configurations (AWS, Azure, Google, etc.)
  • Understand exact costs and consolidate public cloud billing usage
  • Mitigate risk with a single source of record for all data sets (in hybrid environments)

ChargeBack IT

Detailed expenditure reporting from all environments.

  • Retrieve detailed expenditure data from all storage assets
  • Change and tune reporting to meet specific requirements
  • View consumer cost analysis and digital footprint
  • Get accurate reporting of each department's consumption
  • Optimize with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cost accountability

Ransomware resilience

Quickly identify applications and services at risk.

  • Monitor and optimize scheduled backups across all environments
  • Efficiently locate affected hosts by location, environment or application
  • Quickly recover from attacks without financial loss
  • Report and export item-level metadata visibility into protected data
  • Easily identify stale data, individual files and potential ransomware files
Our manual reporting system was too time-consuming and inefficient. NetBackup IT Analytics streamlines the process and allows us to focus our attention on other more strategic issues.
Chris Davidson, VP and Manager, Open Systems
Trustmark National Bank
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Latest release: NetBackup IT Analytics 11.0

Optimizes IT operations and detects data protection anomalies for ransomware resiliency through intelligent data visualization and flexible alerts

  • Modernized UI with flexible charts and reports
  • Supports new versions and features in NetBackup while continuing agnostic support across data protection, storage, and cloud vendors
  • High value use cases including ransomware, risk mitigation, compliance, and optimization to take full advantage of all NetBackup features
  • Expanded link and launch management features available for Veritas solutions
  • AIOPs functionality with NetBackup Operations alerts
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