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Reduce data storage and carbon emissions—meet sustainability initiatives.

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Optimize IT resources and drive sustainability with a cloud-based data strategy.

Veritas can help eliminate uncertainty about the size of your carbon footprint and get your organization closer to reaching net zero emissions. Our cloud-based solutions, leveraging autonomous data management, work together to reduce unnecessary data storage and decrease manual operation. Do more than carbon offsets—achieve your sustainability initiatives and goals with Veritas.

Sustainability initiatives within IT are becoming a top priority.

As your data footprint grows, your impact on the environment grows with it.

Industry Trend

By 2025, cloud sustainability will be a top three criterion in cloud purchase decisions.*

Return on Investment

Environmentally-conscious businesses experience lower volatility and 4.7 times higher margins.**

Cloud Migration

Migrations to the public cloud can reduce CO2 emissions by 59 million tons per year.**

Achieve sustainability goals with a cloud-optimized approach.

Automated and secure data management for any cloud helps reach goals set by your sustainability initiatives to reduce your carbon footprint.

Streamlined backup and recovery

Autonomous data management and optimization eliminates many manual operations, managing resources like wasted human activity, and reducing your carbon footprint, all while ensuring continuous protection.

Elastic cloud data deduplication

Elastic cloud data deduplication technology lowers your cloud storage carbon footprint by combining cloud-native snapshots with automated snapshot lifecycle management.

Elastic cloud autoscaling

Automatically provisions cloud compute resources for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud backup and recovery to meet surges, ensuring the required performance demands are always achieved. As the requirements subside resources are automatically deprovisioned along with their associated environmental impact.

Backup snapshots

With Veritas Snapshot Manager, you can easily and accurately manage backup from snapshots so you can scale down compute resources when they are not needed and reduce your storage footprint.

Intelligent cloud storage policies

Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault enables you to monitor your cloud storage resources and retention policies so you know exactly what lives in your backup environments rather than wasting resources looking for things that aren't there.

Gain visibility, insights, and control.

Unified backup and storage insights for heterogeneous IT environments across on-prem and cloud services. Gain actionable insights through a single pane of glass for enterprise data wherever it resides to better set targets and commit to measurable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards.

  • Reduce your organization’s cloud computing environmental impact by rightsizing and optimizing cloud infrastructure
  • Receive detailed expenditure reporting from all environments and all storage assets with chargeback and risk mitigation reporting to meet carbon reduction requirements and sustainability initiatives
  • Get accurate reporting of each department's consumption for internal carbon pricing as a tool to guide decision-making processes concerning climate change impacts, risks, and opportunities
  • Use charge backup reporting to instate an internal carbon tax as a mechanism to voluntarily charge a business unit for their emissions and make progress towards a net zero cloud
We project a 40 percent savings in the total cost of ownership [TCO] of our data backup over five years. Compared with adding another NetBackup Appliance for these workloads, using NetBackup was a preferable option.
Junyong Park
Head of Information Systems Division
BFG Retail

Our products work together to deliver success for sustainability initiatives.


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