Streamline eDiscovery to maintain data security and eliminate potential risks

Data Compliance & Governance September 07, 2023

We all know, the digital footprint continues to explode, eDiscovery continues to become more complex every day. Organizations are having to consistently tackle challenges surrounding compliance and risk. With Veritas, we can help you overcome these obstacles by streamlining eDiscovery from identification and collection through analysis, review, and production in a unified platform. We understand the paramount importance of data compliance and governance. In this blog, we will explore how the Veritas Data Compliance and Governance Portfolio can help your organization support your eDiscovery process and maintain your data security and eliminate any risks. 
Accelerate time to results with streamlined end-to-end workflow

To get litigation ready, you need and easier way to search for relevant information and efficiently fulfill any eDiscovery investigative requests. As information governance expands, the eDiscovery process has become very complex with several issues such as data volume control, security privacy and risk, and cost concerns. 

The Veritas Data Compliance and Governance Portfolio provides organizations with tools, such as Veritas Alta™ eDiscovery, to stay ahead of potential regulations and policy threats. These tools can perform advanced early assessments and review data to know exactly where it lives and who those sources are. We can simplify compliance with monitoring of virtually all content sources and filtering relevant content via machine learning and classification policies. With an end-to-end EDRM solution, Veritas provides proactive targeted collection of content via archiving from the source. 

Discovery and legal holds made simple.  

  • Powerful integrations:  With direct integrations with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Box, and more. Veritas eDiscovery makes it seamless to extract data right from the source. 

  • Journal what matters: Be proactive about regulatory compliance with journal archiving of sensitive data.

  • Review efficiently: Obtain fast, accurate results with purpose-built review and upstream eDiscovery.

The Advantages of a Comprehensive Approach 
The Veritas Data Compliance and Governance Portfolio offers numerous benefits to your organization. Our engineering and product teams recently released Pine – a powerful and innovative portfolio release enabling you to examine potential threats with speed, precision, and efficiency. Explore the exciting new eDiscovery and capture features, and see firsthand how they can transform your eDiscovery strategies:

Veritas Alta™ eDiscovery:

  • Ability to upload data directly into Alta eDiscovery via targeted collections.

  • Workflow enhancements – allow for multi-user review by batch size and review status.

  • Export enhancements - include “Original Format” Export Option in eDiscovery.

  • Reporting enhancements – update to reporting and logging features to include additional metadata fields.

Veritas Alta™ Capture:

  • New Azure Blob target: We've successfully developed and released a new Azure Blob target for Alta Capture, designed to effortlessly handle and store large files that previously posed storage issues. This innovative feature enables customers to configure and automatically send exceptionally large data files to Azure Blob storage, alleviating the need for manual handling and bypassing the size constraints of other targets such as SMTP, EV, M365, etc.

  • Microsoft Teams connector enhancements: Microsoft Teams connector now captures "Praises" and "Approval" metadata and offers enhanced collection metrics.

In a data-driven world where privacy and risk management are critical for businesses, Veritas' Data Compliance and Governance Portfolio stands out as a reliable ally. Veritas offers a comprehensive solution that ensures the highest levels of data privacy while effectively managing risks. With our expertise, your organization can confidently navigate the evolving data landscape, delivering both security and peace of mind. 
Contact us today to learn more about how Veritas can safeguard your business's data integrity and compliance, paving the way for a prosperous and sustainable future.

Priyanka Mullan
Product Marketing Specialist
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