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Why Veritas

We solve your biggest data challenges.

Secure, protect, and govern your enterprise data with zero doubt.

Veritas is the industry leader in secure multi-cloud data management and protection. Our integrated solutions, powered by AI, cut through the complexity of managing enterprise data and applications, and put you in control. We are committed to ensuring that your organization is always secure, resilient, and compliant — across all your environments, at any scale.

Veritas 360 Defense

Veritas 360 Defense is an extensible architecture that enables unmatched cyber resilience. It brings together data security, protection, and governance, and provides differentiated capabilities through integration with our extensive ecosystem of cybersecurity partners.

Achieve cyber resilience with zero doubt.

Cyberthreats are imminent and rising exponentially, along with their financial and reputational impacts. Veritas provides AI-powered solutions that extend beyond data protection to reduce risk, minimize downtime, prevent data loss, and optimize efficiency. With our multilayered approach, we give you confidence that your organization is always resilient across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Stay fully compliant with zero doubt.

The regulatory compliance landscape has become increasingly complex and full of risk. The ever-expanding mix of operating environments and communication platforms makes compliance administration difficult to manage and potentially more costly. With our comprehensive portfolio of integrated services, you can synthesize intelligence across data sources to streamline access, enhance visibility, gain actionable insights, and mitigate compliance risk.

Control cloud complexity and costs with zero doubt. 

How do you optimize cloud data and applications for always-on availability? How do you protect cloud-based assets against cyberthreats? How do you ensure rapid recovery at scale? Veritas solves these challenges for you, delivering unified cloud-native solutions that enable data protection, cyber recovery, and application resiliency across all your deployment environments.

Unmatched scale and versatility.

No other provider comes close to matching our reach and integration across the IT landscape.

Trusted by many of the world’s largest companies, including 91% of the Fortune 100.

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