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80% of companies overspend on hybrid and multi-cloud by up to 50%.

Veritas solutions work to reduce your total cost of operations in the cloud, while increasing the availability and performance of your enterprise data and applications. Our powerful tools are designed to deliver insight into your cloud storage usage and backup, provide automated data policies that save time and resources, and enable the agility to move and protect data across multiple clouds.

Make multi-cloud data protection more cost-effective.

Customers using Veritas spend 25%–45% less on data protection than other cloud solutions. Moreover, they save up to 90% on their cloud storage IT costs by combining cloud-native snapshots with automated snapshot lifecycle management.

  • Lower operational costs with a single, unified platform.
  • Consistent policy management in and across multiple clouds.
  • Improved storage cost predictability with Veritas Alta™ Recovery Vault's easy deployment across multiple clouds, low-cost object storage, industry-leading deduplication, snapshot backups, and reined-in egress costs.
  • Stronger protection from cyber attacks with AI-powered anomaly detection and event-triggered malware scanning, granular recovery, immutability options, and advanced analytics for end-to-end visibility.
  • Enhanced enterprise-class data protection with Veritas Alta™ that is complete and scalable across multiple clouds.

Deploy powerful deduplication and autoscaling tools.

Compared to native cloud tools, Veritas Alta™ optimizes nearly everything related to data protection and recovery to optimize your cloud IT costs.

  • Data deduplication at the source differs from incremental snapshots, and significantly reduces storage costs.
  • Recovery from deduplicated storage, without rehydration or staging steps.
  • Only Veritas sends deduplicated data directly to S3 object lock; and can recover directly out of S3 for fast, secure, and cost-optimized recovery.
  • Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure automatically provisions the cloud compute resources to meet surges, so the required performance demands are always achieved; as the requirements subside, the cloud compute resources are automatically deprovisioned, along with their associated environmental impact.
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Autonomous data management and protection for a multi-cloud environment.

By containerizing services such as backups, snapshots, and deduplication, Cloud Scale Technology enables Veritas Alta services to grow and shrink, providing you with more control over your computing and storage costs.

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See all your application data across any cloud.

With Veritas analytics, you can see all your data across all your clouds in one place, with the added insights you need to optimize your data footprint.

  • Reducing the complexity and process of your data backups and snapshots reduces consumption and management.
  • Consistent management of your multi-cloud environment can help control the amount of data you are creating, potentially reducing data volume and storage space, while enabling faster workload balancing and lower costs.
  • Cloud autoscaling can help you stabilize data provisioning and avoid throttling instead of running at max capacity.

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Our industry-leading products work together to reduce your cloud storage IT costs.


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