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Control governance, risk, and compliance to optimize data security.

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Eliminate data gaps that could cost you millions.

With a complex and constantly changing regulatory landscape, compliance and risk management are more challenging than ever. Veritas offers an integrated portfolio of governance and compliance services that synthesize intelligence across data sources. Our unified approach makes it easier to protect sensitive information, uncover actionable insights, and mitigate the risk of costly penalties.

Exponential growth of data elevates compliance risk.

Proactive risk mitigation is imperative for success.


in fines to Wall Street firms for misuse and improper monitoring of WhatsApp communications in 2022.1


of employees admitted to sharing sensitive company data using messaging and collaboration tools.2


of organizations experienced at least one cyber incident in the past 12 months.3

Enhance compliance and security with intelligent governance solutions.

Information Governance

Streamline compliance, mitigate risks, and empower intelligent decision-making.

Data Security

Prevent data breaches and ensure compliance with threat detection and robust security.


Minimize risk more efficiently with defensible collections, purpose-built reviews, and customizable policies.


Save time with AI-powered communication management and industry-specific classification policies.

Optimize information governance for data control and privacy.

Gaining visibility into data in place enables more intelligent decision-making, optimizing information governance, and lets you understand the value and risk inherent in your content.

  • Surface relevant content while eliminating noise with native content collection and data classification.
  • Identify stale data, enrich metadata, and uncover dark data across your entire file estate.
  • Streamline data management with a powerful policy framework for efficient records management and archiving.
  • Capture and control content throughout its lifecycle, including data management, preservation, and deletion.
  • Avoid fines and preserve your reputation by ensuring data privacy and sovereignty.

Strengthen your data security posture to control governance, risk, and compliance.

Advanced tools for proactive monitoring and pattern analysis enable early detection and prevention of potential breaches, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing data protection.

  • Identify sensitive data, classify it by importance, and eliminate ROT to reduce risk and storage costs.
  • Archive and preserve sensitive information with immutability to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Surface early-warning attack signals and protect against potential breaches with proactive surveillance and auditing tools.
  • Leverage real-time monitoring and pattern analysis to find and analyze compromised data, identifying the impact of a material breach.

Make eDiscovery for legal compliance feel effortless.

Accelerate access to critical information and maximize your data's value. Real-time visibility and streamlined workflows simplify governance, risk, and compliance management while ensuring defensibility for your organization.

  • Collaborate more efficiently across diverse data sources by consolidating all your enterprise communication platforms using customizable connectors.
  • Empower your team with AI-powered tools and customizable policies for automated data classification and enhanced early case assessment.
  • Streamline legal document review by quickly filtering out irrelevant files and highlighting key documents.
  • Establish and enforce consistent, defensible legal holds with complete auditing to ensure secure data collection and preservation, immutability, and legal compliance.

Ensure compliance with end-to-end communications surveillance.

Use AI-powered communications surveillance to surface relevant information and ensure comprehensive compliance with industry regulations.

  • Identify and synthesize more than 1,100 data types, supporting industry-specific regulations like FINRA, HIPAA, GDPR, and DORA.
  • Enhance content metadata and ensure seamless compliance across more than 120 content sources with automated classification and indexing.
  • Detect insider threats and prevent fraudulent behavior by monitoring real-time communication data for unusual patterns and anomalies.
  • Anticipate legal challenges with purpose-built eDiscovery capabilities that help reconstruct events and provide evidence by ensuring complete records of all relevant communications.

Gain unmatched flexibility to achieve data compliance.

Leverage digital compliance-management solutions with unparalleled flexibility and deployment options for your unique needs. Get support for your business priorities whether you operate on-premises, hybrid, customer tenant, or fully-managed SaaS architecture.

  • Tap into global coverage that meets all local and regional data sovereignty requirements.
  • Utilize our purpose-built Direct Migrator tool, which accelerates cloud data migration up to 10 times faster.
  • Stay compliant and future-proof with our flexible and scalable solution that adapts to industry changes and technological advancements.

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Top Player in the 2023 Radicati Market Quadrant for Information Archiving

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Manage data governance, risk, and compliance with these industry-leading products.

Veritas Alta™ eDiscovery

End-to-end eDiscovery as a service in the cloud.


Capture all communication data through a single platform.

Veritas Alta™ Surveillance

Fast, effective regulatory compliance with AI-powered supervision.

Enterprise Vault

Automated data capture and information archiving.

Data Insight

Enterprise-class data compliance and governance.

eDiscovery Platform

Respond quickly and easily to legal, regulatory, and discovery requests.

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