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AI-powered security, cyber resilience, and compliance.

Veritas 360 Defense is an extensible architecture that enables unmatched cyber resilience. It brings together data security, protection, and governance, and provides differentiated capabilities through integration with our extensive ecosystem of cybersecurity partners.

Cyberattacks are imminent.

Cybercriminals are finding new ways to breach even the best defenses.


of organizations have been hit by a successful ransomware attack in the last two years.1


of breaches involved social engineering attacks, errors, or misuse.2


of 2023 cyber incidents included data theft and leaks.3


of cybersecurity leaders say recent attacks are powered by AI.4

Mitigating cyberattacks requires addressing three key principles of cyber resilience.

Prevent Data Destruction

Complete data visibility for 100% protection, ensuring your information is secure and recoverable.

Strengthen Cyber Defenses

AI-powered anomaly detection and malware scanning that safeguards data with zero doubt.

Orchestrate Trusted Recovery

Rapid recovery at scale with true data integrity preserved across all environments.

Prevent data destruction with proactive security.

Veritas secures data across clouds and on-premises. Our solutions prevent malicious backup deletions and changes to protection settings, ensuring complete data recovery and availability. 

Strengthen your cyber defenses with the power of AI.

Our AI-powered solutions enhance cyber defenses by detecting data theft and ransomware, both in the cloud and on-premises. We integrate with leading SecOps solutions and utilize existing malware detection tools to uncover vulnerabilities.

  • Perform entropy-based anomaly detection in near real-time and with near-zero performance impact.
  • Detect anomalies in user behavior and automatically adjust MFA and MPA security settings to self-defend against potential insider attacks.
  • Automate protection of new workloads through intelligent policies without sacrificing human oversight.
  • Streamline complex data management tasks with Veritas Alta™ Copilot, powered by Generative AI. 

Accelerate your cyber recovery. 

Veritas provides essential tools for cyber recovery, from running orchestrated recovery exercises, to optimizing the recovery of your critical data with near-zero RPOs and RTOs

  • Implement an isolated recovery foundation to clean your data for the restoration process. 
  • Recover applications and data across different hypervisors, operating systems, storage arrays, and cloud providers.
  • Gain greater flexibility to recover your data at scale.
Knowing that Veritas is extending its relationships with other vendors that we rely on will enable us to follow simple validated designs to ensure that solutions interoperate ... our team is free to focus on transformational activity, confident that we’re protected against cyberattacks.
Bill Driver
Vice President, Information Technology
Rio Hotel & Casino, a Dreamscape Companies Property

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