Test to Be the Best at Cyber Resiliency

Cyber Resiliency & Ransomware November 06, 2023

It is essential to comprehend how hackers think and behave to effectively defend against malicious cyberattacks. It takes close attention to their tactics to identify vulnerable system elements. With this diligence, we can patch cracks rapidly and increase the reliability of future solutions. Along the way, we can decrease risk of security breaches and protect our technology from nefarious individuals.

Veritas REDLab operates with the goal to protect our products — and your data — against malicious ransomware. Using a real-world lab environment, we strive to elevate the security of our products, safeguarding them from even the most advanced cyber threats. Thanks to our RED Team efforts, our hardened solutions are robust, guarding against unwelcome intrusions to your data.

Veritas invests heavily in safeguards to keep your data secure. The REDLab team contributes by running simulated ransomware tests on our products. The results provide crucial information about malicious software to protect our systems and keep everyone who uses them safe.

Outplaying and Outsmarting Threat Actors

Veritas REDLab engineers don't wait for an attack, they anticipate it, taking proactive extra steps to prepare for possible intrusions. They reverse-engineer threat technology to predict how our products would react. To reduce the chance of malicious attacks, the engineers focus heavily on building extra protection into our product surface areas. That way, we can feel confident that our products have all the cover they need.

The number of REDLab experiments is ever-increasing. The REDLab team carefully studies every type of malware, then simulates scenarios to evaluate and further optimize performance. All the elements come together to deliver top-notch security and unbeatable protection from cyber threats so you can have peace of mind. As an example, Veritas recently added an innovative tool that instantly notifies you of suspicious activity as you actively back up your data.

To share what we learn in the REDLab, Veritas invests heavily in educational initiatives to provide you with detailed information about Veritas Alta™ View and IT Analytics through blog posts, white papers, and other resources. These efforts are all part of our commitment to improving product safety and granting your complete assurance of protection.

Working from a Rock-Solid Foundation

Working together with product engineering teams, the REDLab team supplies insight, knowledge, and guidelines to introduce innovative technologies like anomaly extensions. 

For example, Veritas NetBackup has added remarkable malware scanning to help identify and fend off dangers during back-up and recovery processes. This cutting-edge technology provides extra peace of mind that your data is safe from harm.

Veritas is taking decisive steps to make sure our Zero Trust architecture keeps malicious hackers out. Veritas provides immutability and indelibility for both your stored and production data. It doesn't matter if you're using your own hardware or not. Veritas provides flexibility and extra measures to minimize attack surfaces, prevent intrusion through independent compliance clocks, and give you an easy-to-use, isolated recovery environment. 

Ransomware-Proofing: A Proactive Plan 

In case of attack, Veritas products are designed to prioritize restoring essential data and systems so you can minimize interruptions. This tiered recovery approach helps ensure the safety of your most valuable data. 

Our relationship with the attack vector trade gives us an insider's view of the newest malware dangers, helping us stay ahead of threats. The REDLab team has access to fully-vetted samples that provide significant data for detailed inspection and support you in defending your systems against the rapidly shifting threat scene.

Our REDLab experiments are crucial in defending your information. And our stringent testing and watchful surveillance provide peace of mind that your backup is secure. We strive to minimize the loss of data in the face of an attack by decreasing your recovery time after a breach.

Veritas REDLab is vigilant in defending against cyber threats and malicious software. Through comprehensive simulations and real-world experimentation, we strive to create comprehensive solutions and fortify against even the most sophisticated attacks. Our commitment to security has resulted several robust data-protection safeguards. We work diligently to secure your data, so you can trust Veritas as your partner in protecting against ransomware attacks.

With the goal of protecting our products against malicious ransomware, Veritas set out on a mission to prove our claims in a real-world lab environment. In the Veritas REDLab, we strive to elevate the security of products and safeguard them from even the most advanced cyber threats with tremendous impact. Thanks to our red team efforts, our hardened solutions are robust, guarding users from unwelcome intrusions.

Our solutions have added remarkable malware scanning powers to help identify and fend off any dangers during the back-up and recovery process. This cutting-edge technology provides extra peace of mind that your data is safe from harm.

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Sonali Jeurkar
Director of SQA Engineering