Vendor Onboarding Compliance Portal.

Veritas Technologies LLC understands the importance of working with vendors and delivers the right balance of contingent workforce capabilities that enhance our competitive advantage while mitigating risks.Veritas strives to meet its strategic objectives by hiring and developing its own employees to perform work central to its core business.To conduct its business efficiently, Veritas also contracts with vendors whose workers perform services on out premises.Veritas defines a contingent worker as any non-employee providing services to Veritas Technologies LLC and any of their respective affiliated entities.

  • Veritas Technologies LLC takes meaningful steps to maintain a distinction between its own employees and contingent workers.
  • Veritas Technologies LLC uses contingent workers consistent with the relevant laws of each location.

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our contingent (non-employee) workforce compliance requirements, Veritas requires Pre-Onboarding Compliance (POC) for all new and returning contingent workers.Please note that specific onboarding document requirements and turnaround times vary by country and Veritas office location, and any contingent worker must begin the POC process before starting an assignment.

Pre-Onboarding Compliance Document Roles and Responsibilities

Please note the materials available on this page are intended only for vendors/vendors who have a contractual agreement with Veritas Technologies LLC and are being provided solely for the vendor's provision of services to our company. These materials may not be used for any other purpose. 

In accordance with Veritas Standard Terms & Conditions for Purchase Orders, all vendors agree that: Prior to accessing Veritas premises or any Veritas network(s) as part of the services, Provider warrants that (i) it will, to the extent permitted by local law, perform on each individual with such access (and will obtain appropriate consent to perform) an acceptable background verification in accordance with Veritas background screening requirements, and (ii) no items were otherwise discovered in such background investigation that could impact the performance or integrity of services. Provider shall not assign any employee whose background check is not satisfactory. Veritas may refuse access to its premises or network(s) at any time and for any lawful reason.