Protect your data and applications with a multi-layered approach.

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Solve your biggest data protection challenges.

Knowing what data you have, where it is, and how you’re using it is the first step to protecting it. Gain complete visibility so you can ensure compliance with regulations. Manage user access, control where your data goes, and protect against loss with automated processes and an intelligent system.

Veritas can help you manage your data security with confidence.

Gain Cloud Control

Ensure cloud uptime SLAs while simplifying migration and disaster recovery. Meet your RTO and RPO objectives.

Guard Critical Information

Keep data secure and minimize attack impact on-prem or in the cloud with immutability, solution hardening, isolated recovery environments, and encryption.

Identify Data Security Gaps

Gain actionable insights with alerts and reports correlated across your entire data infrastructure.

Keep It Simple

Remove human dependencies, automate, and allow artificial intelligence and machine learning to scan for malware and anomalies.

Veritas solves your biggest data protection challenges.

Strengthen digital defense with resilient workloads, protect critical data and lower business risk.

Stay proactively resilient with an intuitive, automated, and interoperated data management platform. Gain visibility, detect, and perform vulnerability gap assessments from a comprehensive dashboard so that if the worst happens you can restore fast and easy, while maintaining compliance.

Cyber threats and regulations carry a heavy burden of cost and risk. Modernize and optimize your hybrid or multi-cloud environment, reduce your risk, and simplify your data protection.

  • Maintain reliable uptime and available of critical data and essential applications.
  • Deploy analytics for building interoperability with secured data. Spotlight risk and vulnerable areas to uncover patterns in activities and maintain adherence to compliance standards.
  • Reduce the attack surface and isolate production data from the I/O with snapshots and data mirroring. Optimize recovery for a low recovery time objective and recovery point objective.
  • Reduce costs while boosting performance, scalability, and availability with a software-defined solution.

Keep threats out with secure, hybrid and multi-cloud backup solutions.

Take control of your data protection and minimize risk. Easily manage, organize, and guarantee reliability of your core applications regardless of the technology. Protect sensitive data from unauthorized access with identity and access management (IAM), role, based access control (RBAC), and a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy.

Optimize your infrastructure and environment for fast data recovery. Unlock operational efficiency with backup and recovery built on Zero Trust and using the power of autonomous data management.

  • Multi-cloud and on-site immutability, isolated recovery environment with air-gapped, immutable data vault.
  • Capture and visualize key elements from a single, unified dashboard with operational insights and tools like our Ransomware Scorecard
  • Future proof data protection and data management. Have confidence that you are always protected and extend backup to the cloud across any platform.
  • Alleviate the burden of missing critical patches, account compromises, public exposure of cloud, and role-based access authentication.

Gain total visibility and oversight of your data and assets. 

Centralize visibility and control over threats while streamlining across your organization. Leverage cloud security, incorporate a secure-by-design strategy, and automate security orchestration and exercises. Minimize blind spots and improve audits with less effort. Facilitate intelligence and response to detect malicious activity early to enact swift containment.

  • Control compliance and governance. Mitigate risks in an automated and centralized way. Provide seamless audit capabilities and reports without extra effort.
  • Transform dark data into valuable insights. Increase IT efficiency, break down silos, and ensure critical data is protected, recoverable, and highly available.
  • With automation and intelligence, gather metadata attributes and user behavior forensics for actionable intelligence, identify data ownership, usage, and access controls, and mitigate risks to data privacy and security.
  • Ensure compliance with global regulations like GDPR, NIST, and DORA to avoid fines and penalties

Control SaaS applications to maximize backup, restore, and performance scalability.

Maximize performance and flexibility by scaling your backup storage up to petabytes and billions of objects. Perform regular incremental backups and minimize recovery point objectives while implementing data protection.

  • Leverage immutable storage, multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, and end-to-end encryption both in-transit and at rest.
  • Restore deleted data including bulk recovery, folders, mailboxes, or sites with multi-level recovery.
  •  Recover SaaS data to a preferred location or on-premises, including cross-tenant recovery.
  • Access past employee accounts and comply with audits without maintenance of an active license.
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