Veritas Alta™ Storage Resiliency

Optimized cloud storage for business-critical applications.

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Storage efficiency, resiliency, and performance for the cloud.

Veritas Alta Storage Resiliency delivers intelligent cloud storage management designed to support business-critical applications. Leveraging cloud-native block storage services, this purpose-built solution creates efficient, enterprise-grade shared storage that improves application performance and resiliency, while reducing your overall cost of ownership.

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Proven, high performance shared cloud storage with a standardized interface.

Enhanced Data Resiliency

Sub-minute RTO with shared storage within cloud availability zones and across zones and regions.

Increased I/O Performance

Intelligent data caching delivers cloud application performance beyond what is possible with native cloud services.

Flexible Shared Cloud Storage

Adaptable cloud storage support for both classic and container-focused workloads like Kubernetes.

Lower Cost

Advanced data management supports performance-driven applications using less expensive cloud storage services.

Create secure, enterprise-grade shared cloud storage.

Veritas Alta Storage Resiliency helps application and infrastructure administrators use cloud-native block storage services to deliver secure, persistent data volumes for traditional as well as containerized workloads.

  • Encryption and WORM capability for cloud-native block storage.
  • Shared parallel access to cloud-native block storage services across availability zones.
  • Workload consistent snapshots and database accelerators.

Maximize cloud storage efficiency and resource utilization.

Intelligent caching to serve the most demanding applications, plus automated storage tiering to move inactive data to lower-cost storage to reduce cloud storage costs.

  • The SmartIO™ intelligent caching feature allows faster application reads from volumes using SSD storage and writes from less expensive storage tiers.
  • The SmartTier™ feature transparently moves data between cloud SSD and HDD storage depending on I/O activity, further reducing cloud storage costs.

Optimize for Kubernetes environments.

Kubernetes CSI plug-in support enables the container orchestration layer to provide enterprise-class software-defined persistent storage volumes to business-critical applications running in a Kubernetes environment.

  • CSI plug-in persistent volumes support for stateful container pods.
  • Software-defined storage that uses existing server and SAN storage to create enterprise-class persistent storage volumes, to decrease capital expense.
  • Create persistent storage volume classes for performance, resilience, and security to meet the different application requirements.
  • Support for persistent volume encryption at rest.
Top 5 Enterprise

Veritas Named a Leader in Enterprise Cloud Storage

Veritas Alta Storage Resiliency (formerly known as InfoScale) has been recognized as a Top 5 Enterprise SDS Block Storage Solution by DCIG.

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Veritas InfoScale has been recognized as a Top 5 Enterprise SDS Block Storage Solution by DCIG.

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