Veritas Alta™ Information Governance

Cloud-based data lifecycle and privacy management for streamlined compliance.

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Optimize information governance and ensure regulatory compliance.

Veritas Alta Information Governance will transform the way you manage data security and compliance in today’s complex regulatory landscape. With centralized privacy management and data lifecycle management, this powerful cloud-based solution makes it easy to mitigate risks and safeguard sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Enhance data lifecycle and privacy management in the cloud.

Streamlined Compliance

Utilize AI-powered classification and reporting for GDPR, CCPA, and more.

Stronger Data Security

Control access with dynamic permissions and metadata insights.

Proactive Threat Detection

Monitor data movements and access for immediate risk mitigation.

Simplified Data Lifecycle

Automate archival and deletion to ensure data integrity and compliance.

Streamline regulatory compliance in the cloud.

Simplify reporting for GDPR, CCPA, and more. Automate compliance and privacy management while minimizing costly penalties.

  • Automatically identify and categorize data throughout its lifecycle with AI-powered discovery and classification.
  • Generate detailed compliance reports effortlessly with integrated insights from data lifecycle and privacy management.
  • Enable proactive compliance with our integrated solution for data discovery, classification, and lineage.

Prevent unauthorized access with intelligent access control.

Strengthen security and data lifecycle management with advanced controls, preventing unauthorized access through real-time permission updates and metadata analysis.

  • Gain unparalleled insights into data sensitivity and usage with advanced metadata management, crafting superior management and protection strategies.
  • Ensure data is accessible only to authorized personnel with automatic, real-time adjustments to data access permissions.
  • Enhance security and identify risks swiftly with our streamlined approach to data classification and metadata enrichment.

Proactive risk management and reporting.

Mitigate data threats and minimize legal exposure with advanced monitoring and automated risk assessments, ensuring early detection and maintaining trust.

  • Maintain oversight with full visibility into data movements and access patterns with data lineage and monitoring.
  • Utilize rapid risk identification and mitigation to spot and address privacy management and legal risks quickly.
  • Customize alerts and governance policies to fortify your data's defense.

Automate data lifecycle management to reduce risk.

Align compliance and data lifecycle processes with regulatory and corporate policies. Minimize manual tasks in data retention, archival, and deletion for increased efficiency and accountability.

  • Automate data archival and deletion processes to comply effortlessly with retention policies.
  • Easily create and apply governance policies, improving efficiency and compliance.
  • Gain deep insights for more effective governance through data classification, remediation, and custodian assignment.

Industry Recognition

Proud to be Named a Top Player in the 2024 Radicati Market Quadrant

6x “Top Player” for Information Archiving.

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