Improve protection and resiliency for Kubernetes containers.

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Optimize your stateful Kubernetes containers.

Unlocking the full value of Kubernetes environments requires robust data protection, high availability, and resiliency. Veritas Alta™ Data Protection and InfoScale for Kubernetes help you create an enterprise solution for confidently managing business-critical applications. 

Get the most from your Kubernetes container implementation.


Safeguard your Kubernetes container data with comprehensive protection.


Move between Kubernetes environments to back up once, recover anywhere.


Get the highest uptime and reliability with automatic failover and failback.


Strengthen Kubernetes container clusters to maximize application uptime.

Maximize data protection for Kubernetes containers.

Kubernetes offers incredible scalability and resilience, but doesn't inherently provide comprehensive data protection. Events like hardware failure, human error, or software bugs can result in data loss or corruption. With comprehensive data protection and recovery capabilities, Veritas Alta™ Data Protection, powered by Cloud Scale Technology, is designed to safeguard your critical data in Kubernetes environments. 

  • Seamlessly integrate with Kubernetes container clusters to enable automated backup and recovery of containerized applications.
  • Scale with your Kubernetes deployments, ensuring consistent data protection as your infrastructure grows.
  • Minimize downtime and ensure data continuity with efficient backup and rapid-recovery options.
  • Prevent data corruption by ensuring application consistency during backup and recovery.
  • Ensure FIPS-compliant security for Kubernetes workloads on RHEL-based virtual machines.

Unlock multi-cloud mobility for Kubernetes environments.

The ability to backup and restore across clusters and Kubernetes distributions—including cloud Kubernetes services—helps avoid outages, errors, and downtime while assuring application resiliency and portability. Moving freely between Kubernetes distributions means you can back up once, then recover from and to anywhere.

  • Automatically discover and protect namespaces and resources.
  • Architect once and easily configure protection for nearly any Kubernetes distribution.
  • Gain extensible data movement with flexible support for any NetBackup storage target.
  • Simplify administration with self-service tools and role-based access controls.
  • Leverage a standardized operating model for unified cross-platform recoverability.

Increase high availability and maximize uptime.

Maximize the uptime and reliability of Kubernetes applications with Veritas InfoScale and Veritas Alta™ Enterprise Resiliency. As a high-availability and clustering solution, Veritas Alta Enterprise Resiliency complements Veritas Alta Data Protection.

  • Achieve continuous application availability with automatic failover and failback capabilities.
  • Easily scale applications across multiple nodes without compromising performance.
  • Efficiently load-balance to distribute traffic across application instances to prevent overload and downtime.
  • Replicate data across geographically dispersed data centers.

Ensure protection and resiliency at scale.

Building resiliency across Kubernetes clusters helps to ensure maximum application uptime while automated protection keeps application layers always recoverable.

  • Deliver near-zero downtime for clusters.
  • Empower self-service recovery of application namespace, custom resources, persistent volume, or entire clusters.
  • Simplify CI/CD integration via APIs.
  • Deploy elastic Kubernetes data management with integrated disaster recovery.
  • Maintain ransomware resiliency with native anomaly detection in the data protection workflow.

Protect and govern Kubernetes container data with these products.

InfoScale for Kubernetes

Run containerized applications with confidence and control.


Optimized availability and performance for enterprise applications.


The #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution.

Veritas Alta™ Data Protection

Cyber resilience for enterprise cloud workloads.

Veritas Alta™ Enterprise Resiliency

High availability for business-critical applications in the cloud.

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Veritas Alta™ brings together a best-in-class portfolio of cloud-based data services in a single, powerful platform. Take control of data protection, application resiliency, and data compliance and governance.

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