Redefining AI-Powered Data Security and Management

Veritas and Cohesity have a shared vision to deliver unmatched cyber resilience to enterprises worldwide. Together, we will accelerate innovation to give our customers greater confidence and control over their data security and protection. Stay tuned for more about our intended merger!
Bringing Veritas’ differentiated cloud-native architecture to Cohesity’s strong innovation engine will ideally position us to offer our customers transformative solutions against cyber attacks while delivering the flexibility and scalability required to thrive in the multicloud era.
Greg Hughes

General FAQs

Under a joint agreement, Cohesity, a leader in AI-powered data security and management, will combine with Veritas’ data protection business, to create a new leader in the data security and management market, “NewCo.” At the same time, Veritas’ InfoScale, Data Compliance, and Backup Exec businesses will spin-off to form a separate company, “DataCo.”

The combination of Veritas and Cohesity is subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions with closing expected by the end of 2024.

Sanjay Poonen will be the CEO of NewCo, the combined company, and Lawrence Wong will be the CEO of DataCo. 

Greg will remain Veritas CEO through the closing period and will be on the Board of Directors of the combined company.

Customers will benefit from the accelerated innovations unlocked by the joint company’s scaled R&D investment, its unwavering support for customer success, and one of the industry’s most extensive partner ecosystems.

Protecting the world’s data and gaining insights from that data are top imperatives for IT practitioners all the way to board members. Every organization needs a cyber resilience strategy, given the rampant threat of ransomware. Furthermore, technology and business executives will have a unique opportunity to leverage the power of generative AI for data-driven insights to unleash new levels of efficiency, innovation, and growth.

The combined innovations of Cohesity and Veritas will offer organizations a comprehensive multi cloud data protection portfolio with a powerful, simple user experience, and a high-performance, centrally managed hyperconverged platform. This highly strategic combination assembles a new leader in the data security and management market with complementary product offerings to help customers address their needs for data security and data insights.

The combined company brings together 100s of exabytes of data protected, a global go-to-market footprint, high penetration in the enterprise with 96 of the Fortune 100 and 80% of the Global 500, and a strong partner ecosystem across all segments of cloud service providers, security players, VARs, system integrators, and hardware OEMs.

The current product roadmap and plans for any Veritas product will not change because of the announcement.

The combined company will continue to invest in and advance the roadmap and strategy of all Cohesity products and services, as well as Veritas NetBackup (NBU), Appliances, and Alta Data Protection while working towards delivery of an integrated solution combining the best of breed technology across the two companies.

The combined company and DataCo will ensure that that there is “no customer or partner left behind.” All products will continue to be supported. Customers can migrate when and if they want, on their own schedule. The combined company will build on Cohesity and Veritas’ extremely high customer satisfaction Net Promoter Scores, while providing the best product innovation via an engineering team that will be the largest of any data protection company in the space.

The best capabilities of the Cohesity Data Cloud platform and Veritas NBU, NBU Appliances and Alta Data Protection, will be factored into the combined company’s long-term solution, which will be designed by a joint team of Cohesity and Veritas engineers based on feedback from large enterprise customers.

The company will share its draft architecture plans with customers under NDA to solicit their input, and ensure their input factors into the combined company’s design plans, that will be finalized after the close of the transaction.

All workloads (on-prem and cloud) in the large coverage matrix already supported by both companies will continue to be supported in the company’s long-term solution. No workloads or storage targets will be left behind. For the cloud, the best aspects of Cohesity’s Cloud Services portfolio will be federated with Veritas’ Alta SaaS portfolio. We will leverage a dynamic universal adapter framework which will quickly enable more OnPrem, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS workload data protection. For planning migrations, a simplified migration plan for customers will be built and provided to customers using the combined company’s streamlined migration tools and services to make voluntary customer transition seamless, and almost “push-buttonlike” to the long-term solution. 

There are no immediate changes to how we develop and sell DataCo products or serve customers – all products will be supported. After the spin-off, DataCo will be a fully standalone company and have its own dedicated Sales, Marketing, R&D, Support and Services, aiming to deliver specialized solutions tailored precisely to its customers and markets.

Contract Management FAQs

The Contract Management Office (CMO) at Veritas is responsible for notifying Veritas customers and partners about what will happen to your existing Veritas agreements in connection with the Separation. The CMO will also work with Veritas customers and partners to address questions regarding these notifications.

Please be on the lookout for email(s) communications from the Contract Management Office advising you of what is happening with your particular Veritas agreement(s).

Customers with an existing Veritas agreement that extends beyond the Separation Date can continue to use those terms to do separate business with Cohesity and Arctera, respectively, for DP Solutions and DC Solutions after Separation. Veritas will duplicate your existing Veritas purchasing agreements with the new Arctera entity/ies, to carry on Arctera business under the same terms. Most (but not all*) existing agreements will follow this approach:

  • DP Solution-specific agreements to remain with Veritas, which will become part of Cohesity.
  • DC Solution-specific agreements to transfer to Arctera.

In general, existing blended (DP + DC Solutions) contracts to remain with Veritas, which will become part of Cohesity, but be deemed duplicated so that Arctera can continue to support customers’ Arctera solutions.

In July, the CMO plans to send customers and partners a communication about what is happening with their existing Veritas agreement.

All letters that request a signature will need to be signed and returned.  The CMO notification will include instructions about where to return the signed version.  If your letter does not explicitly request a signature, there is no action required on your part.

No, if you have an existing agreement that is assigned or duplicated to Arctera, it will enable you to purchase Arctera/DC Solutions under the same terms.

If you have questions concerning the CMO notification you receive, or about the separation, please contact us at, or reach out to your Veritas account representative.

If you have questions about how to transact with Arctera after separation, please contact your channel partner representative.

Renewals of DP Solutions and DC Solutions will be managed separately by Cohesity and Arctera, respectively. The respective company will contact you with renewal information and instructions.

No, the existing Veritas agreements will be assigned or duplicated as is, without substantive changes to terms and conditions, unless otherwise indicated in your CMO notification.

All your current Veritas contracts will be addressed by CMO.  The CMO notification you will receive will indicate whether it applies to multiple agreements with a similar disposition approach or whether it applies to a specific agreement with a unique disposition approach.

If you do not receive a CMO notification by the end of July 2024, please contact the CMO at or reach out to your account representative to ensure your contact information is up-to-date and to request the necessary information.

The changes described in the CMO notification are effective upon the closing of the Veritas-Cohesity transaction and the resulting Separation.  You do not need to change how you transact with Veritas until that closing and Separation occur.

The Veritas CMO notification only addresses your contracts with Veritas and does not impact any contracts you may have with Cohesity.