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NetBackup Recovery Vault

Cloud-based data storage integrated with NetBackup.

Fully managed secondary storage option for NetBackup users.

Traditional approaches to cloud data protection aren’t keeping pace with IT risks and complexity. NetBackup Recovery Vault offers a single, flexible repository for all your data sources—from on-premises to public cloud workloads. Through its seamless integration with NetBackup, Recovery Vault simplifies cloud storage as a service, delivering limitless scale without compromising security or compliance policies.

Seamless storage in the cloud.

Recovery Vault effortlessly scales protection across any cloud model while controlling costs.


For NetBackup users, there’s nothing new to install, learn, or manage.


Unified support experience from a single provider eliminates complexity.


Intelligent cloud policies and air-gapped multi-cloud isolation ensure resilience.

Retention management and data optimization

Recovery Vault places no limit or restriction on how long customer data is stored in the cloud. What's more, that data benefits fully from data deduplication, resulting in optimized cloud storage consumption and lower storage costs.

Efficiency and ease of use

As an integrated part of NetBackup, Recovery Vault’s user-friendly interface simplifies provisioning, management, and monitoring of cloud storage resources and retention policies.

Fully managed support

Avoid the complexity of selecting a provider and setting up cloud services. Just fill out a simple request form and Veritas will do it for you, all from your NetBackup management console.

By using a cloud tenant that is managed by Veritas, NetBackup Recovery Vault takes the headache out of storing data in the cloud and allows us to focus on delivering the best services to our key stakeholders.
Filippo Fano
IT Infrastructure & Operations Manager
Helvetia Insurance Group - Italy

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Proud to be named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant.

18x a Leader for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions.

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