Environmental, Social and Governance AT VERITAS

Our ESG strategy embodies our ambitions for a better future.

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We take our environmental, social, and governance goals seriously.

To achieve them, we apply rigorous oversight and outline a set of time-bound initiatives.

ESG Priorities

We use a formal assessment process to identify and prioritize strategy.

Stakeholder Engagement

We maintain regular, open communication as we work to build trust and add value.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Our ESG team includes executives, subject-matter experts, and cross-functional leads.

Clearly defining our ESG priorities.

While ESG covers a wide variety of areas, not all have significant impact on our business. In our latest materiality assessment, we identify and prioritize the ESG topics that are most material to us based on our industry sector, operations, and geography. This formal assessment helps us define and set goals, create a long-term plan, and identify the strategic areas where we intend to focus. We do this through:

  • Conducting industry-standard reviews — including Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) — and calibrating them to our industry.
  • Understanding our operating footprint through our office and data center locations as well as across our value chain.
  • Benchmarking analysis of top-tier companies, competitors, and customers.
  • Engaging with a cross-functional team of internal stakeholders to confirm our priorities.
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2023 ESG Report

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Creating opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

Mutually beneficial stakeholder engagement is critical to the work we do and contributes to the sustainability of our business. We recognize the importance of regular and open communication with our stakeholders as we seek to build trust, minimize risk, and add long-term value economically, socially, and environmentally.

Our stakeholder engagement process ensures that we leverage opportunities as well as proactively identify and address potential challenges.

Driving action through cross-functional collaboration.

Our program framework focuses on material issues based on sector, geography, operating conditions, and customer requests. Peer and competitor performance, ESG industry standards, and stakeholder expectations also inform our strategy. We present ESG matters to an Audit Committee.

The Veritas ESG program team is comprised of:

  • Leadership Sponsors including our Senior Vice President and General Counsel, and our Vice President of Product Management, who is also our Chief Sustainability Officer.
  • Core Team Members including experts in ESG principles, supply-chain sustainability, and ethics and compliance.
  • The Leadership Council includes senior leaders who decide on the strategy and agree to the resources needed to enact it.
  • The Action Committee includes cross-functional leaders tasked with driving awareness across the company.

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