Veritas Returns, Cancellations, Terminations & Credits (RCTC) Policy

This policy provides the guidelines governing Returns, Cancellations, Terminations & Credits relating to Veritas products and services.

Veritas Renewals Policy

This document will guide you through the processes and procedures involved with successfully renewing your Maintenance/Support for your Veritas on premise software licenses and appliances in a timely manner.

Veritas License Transfer Policy

This policy has been established to provide customers with flexibility to leverage their investments in Veritas software. This policy provides the guidelines under which a licensee may transfer one Veritas perpetual software License for a different Veritas perpetual software license, where that licensee continues to hold the entitlement post-transfer. The following types of License Transfers may be offered, at the discretion of Veritas: Cross-grades, Host Transfers, Platform Transfers, Server/Processor Tier Transfers, and License Meter Transfers. All License Transfer requests are subject to Veritas approval.

Veritas License Assignment Policy

This policy provides guidelines for assigning licenses from one customer/licensee to another company or corporate entity for any reason, including as a result of a merger or acquisition, name change, or divestiture. This policy applies to all Veritas perpetual software licensed to end users and defines those situations in which the assignment of Veritas software licenses to third parties is or may be permitted by Veritas.
Veritas License Assignment Request (LAR) Form

Veritas License Relocation Policy

This policy provides the guidelines for relocating licenses by a corporate end user to its parent, subsidiary, or other affiliated company or to another location for that end user. This policy describes the requirements for relocating perpetual software licenses within same and different price-listed geographies.
Veritas License Relocation Request (LRR) Form

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