Ensuring Long-Term Data Retention and Access in the Cloud

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Length: 20 mins

Ensuring Long-Term Data Retention and Access in the Cloud

About the session

In these uncertain times, organizations are asking us to help drive cost and complexity out of their infrastructure and enable turnkey, multi-cloud transformations with the click of a button. The good news is Veritas can move the right workloads to the cloud tomorrow (literally)!

It’s easy to migrate dated long-term retention policies (for tape and the like) to a short-, mid- and long-term process. Better yet, we do it with 35 percent less infrastructure compared to our competitors! That’s why we’re the #1 driver of data into cloud providers like AWS, Google and Azure.

Join us to learn how we can help you:

  • Replace expensive tape-based tertiary storage products with a cost-efficient, higher-performing, on-premises solution and improve storage efficiency and capacity.
  • Move all long-term retention to the cloud (AWS, Google, Azure) with a click of a button.
  • Maximize both data transfer performance and reduce storage consumption when sending data to the cloud.
  • Use 35 percent less infrastructure on-prem to efficiently send to the cloud.



Tony Davids, Veritas Sales Engineer


Brent Nicolet, Heartlands District Manager

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