NetBackup Latest Release

Veritas NetBackup 10.4 advanced data protection with integrated cyber resiliency.

Secure, cloud-optimized, and automated.

With the 10.4 release, Veritas continues to simplify data protection with intelligent cyber resilience, advanced automation, and expanded control and flexibility – all of which strengthen protection while reducing cost and resource demands.

The latest release of Veritas Alta Data Protection and Veritas NetBackup builds on the existing foundations of NetBackup’s secure by default architecture.  It expands threat detection with self-defending capabilities based on user-centric analytics, providing the most powerful and secure architecture to date.


Recent Updates

Anomaly Detection: New Adaptive Risk Engine

Automatically invokes MFA and MPA based on user behavior analytics (UBA) of provisioned users. Also adds inline entropy analysis for rapid detection of encryption events during a backup.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Sensitive user actions and changes to security settings are subject to additional authentication prompts to ensure security is always on – not just at initial login.

Adaptive Multi-Person Authorization (MPA)

Intelligent defense against insider threats with expanded support for changes to security settings, WORM configuration, and adaptive MPA checks.

Automated Recovery Point Recommendations

Based on anomalies, projected recovery time, entropy analysis, and other heuristics, recommended restore points are highlighted in Alta View to ensure a clean recovery while balancing RPO and RTO.

Intelligent Groups for PaaS Workloads

Expands the intelligent discovery capabilities of NetBackup and Veritas Alta Data Protection to include cloud PaaS workloads.

Cloud to On-Premises VMware Recovery

New ability to support recovery from cloud VMs directly to on-premises VMware environments.

Point-in-Time Recovery Enhancements

Advances in our capabilities to do granular, point-in-time recoveries for PostgreSQL databases, and MS SQL databases within VMware environments.

Prior Releases

Key Features:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) Everywhere -  Across all product interfaces—GUI, CLI, SSH—further reducing attack surfaces.
  • Multi-Person Authorization for Critical Operations - Prevents malicious operations (data deletions, etc.) from being performed if a user’s workstation is compromised—a designated approver must confirm before the operation can proceed.
  • Inline Malware Scanning During Recover - Lower the risk from zero-day threats with integrated malware scanning during a restore, along with new support for cloud VMs and Universal Shares.
  • Anomaly Detection Enhancements - Ability to identify system-level or user behavior anomalies using ML and audit trails.
  • Expanded S3 Immutability Support - Immutable object lock support available for IBM Cloud Object Storage, Data Core Cloud Cluster Storage, and NetApp Storage Grid.
  • Extend CSI-Based Snapshot Support - Backup from snapshot for block-based and file-based storage in the same namespace allowing for parallel stream recovery and up to a 218% performance gain restore.
  • Enhanced Media Server Elasticity and Intelligence - Optimize spin-up to incrementally improve efficiency with the smallest deployment of a media server image.


Key Features:

  • Malware scanning support for DNAS workloads - Quickly and easily recover the “last known good” backup, reducing downtime while ensuring constant protection.
  • Single file restore from snapshot - Quickly recover individual files from backups without having to recover an entire snapshot—providing easier and faster granular recovery. 
  • Incremental backup support for PaaS workloads - Extract incremental data from the workload from the point in time of the previous full backup. 
  • Malware scanning efficiency improvements - Configure the number of concurrent scans to maximize efficiency while tracking the real-time progress of each job. 
  • Integration with cloud-based SIEM/SOAR - Use the push method to transmit audit events from NBU to cloud-based SIEM/SOAR directly with support for Azure Sentinel.
  • Automated recovery of PostgreSQL and MySQL databases - Eliminate the manual lift of extracting, updating, and attaching databases and instances to PostgreSQL and MySQL when performing a recovery task.
  • NAS parallel recovery from DNAS backup - Accelerate recovery by leveraging parallel recovery streams to increase the throughput of backup processing.

Key Features in NetBackup 10.1

  • Isolated Recovery Environment Enhancements - Eliminate the need for additional infrastructure when isolating and protecting data and use the pull method to move data without the risk of introducing malicious activity from production to an environment.
  • Expanded PaaS Workload Support - PaaS workloads will be automatically discovered across all major cloud providers, and create protection plans autonomously, providing fast and agile support for new workloads.
  • Cloud Object Storage - Scale and protect cloud workloads with efficient and secure object storage support.
  • Kubernetes Data Movement - Application-consistent Kubernetes cluster backup, deduplication, and image duplication for the tiering of backup storage (service lifecycle policies, “SLP”) and Auto Image Replication in containerized environments.
  • Big Data Workload Management - Backup Cassandra workloads while a cluster is active and granularly restore from table or keyspace level.
  • Security and Early Warning Integrations - SOAR/XDR platforms pause or resume data protection activities based on security or maintenance events. Anomaly and malware scan alerts stored within system logs can be ingested easily by early warning systems such as SIEM platforms.
  • Malware Scan VMs and Unstructured Data - Recover “last-known-good” backup at scale with malware scanning and flexible recovery workflows.

Key Features in NetBackup 10.0

  • Integrated SaaS protection - Provide unified data protection and monitoring across all your applications and environments. 
  • Kubernetes cross-platform, multi-cloud recovery - Manage protection and recovery with precision across your entire multi-cloud environment. 
  • Integrated IT analytics foundation - Enhance backup performance and reporting while mitigating risks and reducing costs. 
  • Elastic Cloud Autoscaling for AWS and Azure - Dynamically adjust cloud compute resources to meet demand and workload requirements, reducing average utilization by 40%. 
  • Orchestrated backup and recovery for AWS and Azure - Backup and recover with agentless, cloud-optimized data recovery supporting backup from snapshots and multi-tier replication. 
  • Active cyber defenses for ransomware resilience - Near-real-time, AI-driven anomaly detection and on-demand malware scanning to ensure zero-ransom and clean recovery of data.

Key Features in NetBackup 9.1

  • Provides integrated, scalable, container-agnostic protection for all major Kubernetes deployments across all architecture layers
  • Ability to create multiple service-level objectives (SLOs) for recovery, allowing customized recovery plans based on the specific RPO needs of different application tiers
  • Dynamically re-size cloud resources as required, ensuring protection needs are met while optimizing costs
  • Utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically detect and notify administrators if backup data changes unexpectedly
  • CDP low-impact backups provide integrated protection with zero downtime, and Instant Rollback facilitates recovery from a ransomware attack
  • Support for immutable Object Lock storage on AWS S3 ensures compliance and prevents data from being compromised

Key Features in NetBackup 9.0 – GA Release: 4 January 2021

  • New architecture deployment – Deploy NetBackup in an automated, hyperconverged, scale-out form factor, NetBackup Flex Scale.
  • Supercharged OpenStack protection  –  Delivering cloud-native, API-driven, dynamic and automated protection ​with rapid, granular recovery from edge to core to cloud.
  • Time-saving NAS protection – Resume a backup or restore at a specific point for NAS Protection with Dynamic NAS (DNAS) data protection.
  • Seamless workload and data portability in the cloud, including Azure Stack to Azure Stack and Azure region-to-region with orchestrated disaster recovery using Veritas Resiliency Platform integration.
  • Long-term retention (LTR) – Enhanced retention period and efficient Direct-to-Azure LTR Archive tiering, including support for Azure Archive.
  • NetBackup 9.0 Release Notes – Learn more details about all the features included in this release.

Key Features in NetBackup 8.3 – GA Release: July 28, 2020

  • Strengthen ransomware resiliency - Outsmart and prevent ransomware with hardened security and vendor-agnostic immutability for storage using NetBackup OpenStorage Technology (OST) and orchestrated rehearsals.
  • Integrations with  CloudPoint  and Veritas Resiliency Platform - Gain the freedom to control cloud data protection and disaster recovery directly from NetBackup, proactively ensuring resiliency for applications across your heterogeneous environment.
  • Cloud-to-anywhere - Seamless workload and data portability in the cloud, including Azure Stack to Azure Stack and Azure region-to-region with orchestrated disaster recovery using Resiliency Platform integration.
  • Expanded workloads support - Total control of discovery, backup, restore and automation at scale for Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) for simplified management.
  • Universal Shares includes new form factor support and enhanced management, now available for both appliances and BYO media servers. 
  • Instant access  for SQL and BYO (build your own) databases.
  • Expanded workload capabilities such as Microsoft SQL Self-Service.
  • MSDP direct cloud tiering and the ability to manage data in multiple buckets, storage tiers and cloud providers from a single node.
  • Image sharing in the cloud and support for Azure- and S3-compatible object storage.
  • Object storage support for client-side deduplication for writing directly to cloud storage.
  • Cloud snapshots, enabling granular recovery.
  • NetBackup 8.3 Release Notes – Learn more details about all the features included in this release.

Key Features in NetBackup 8.2 – GA Release: 28 June 2019

  • Agentless VMware recovery - Granular restore of VM data without agents.
  • DR to the cloud - Orchestrate disaster recovery into AWS.
  • Enhanced backup to the cloud - Faster deduplication and dedupe to AWS Glacier.
  • Backup of snapshots - Create backup copies of supported snapshots.
  • Application-aware snapshots - Create application-consistent snapshots of Oracle, DB2.
  • NetBackup for Red Hat Virtualization - Simple user experience, role-based access and APIs.
  • NetBackup for OpenStack - Parallel streaming backup of OpenStack systems
  • Two-factor authentication - More secure access to the NetBackup console.
  • Expanded REST API library - Expanded calls and support for SwaggerTM interface. 

Key features in 8.1.2 – GA release: 17 Sept 2018

  • New web UI – Enjoy a simple, secure, web-based user experience
  • Role-based access – Grant limited access to specific users and roles
  • VMware Instant Access – Faster, easier VM restores without agents
  • NetBackup for VMware Cloud on AWS – Protect VMware VMs in AWS
  • NetBackup for HBase – Database-aware backup of HBase systems
  • Protect cloud workloads – Orchestrate AWS, Microsoft and Google snapshots
  • Automatic client updates – Faster and easier client software upgrades
  • Amazon Glacier Vaults – Enforce compliance controls through AWS
  • Parallel Streaming SDK – Developer kit to create 3rd party plug-ins
  • REST API libraries – Expanded calls to enable more programmatic functions
  • GDPR ready – User audit alerting flags for inspection
  • Veritas Smart Meter – Monitor usage and consumption from web portal
  • NetBackup 8.1.2 Release Notes – Learn more about the details for all features included in this release

Key Features in 8.1.1 – GA Release: 16 February 2018

  • AWS Glacier cloud connector – Utilise inexpensive cloud storage for backup and long term retention
  • Alibaba cloud connector – Store backup data within the Alibaba cloud
  • NetBackup for PostgreSQL – Database-aware backup of PostgreSQL databases
  • NetBackup for SQLite – Database-aware backup of SQLite databases
  • NetBackup for MariaDB – Database-aware backup of MariaDB databases
  • Enhanced Deduplication – Choose fixed or variable length segmentation to optimise performance
  • Integration with Veritas CloudPoint – Orchestrate snapshots from 3PAR, HDS, EMC and Pure
  • NetBackup RestAPI – RESTful API allows customised UX and integration with 3rd party applications
  • NetBackup 8.1.1 Release Notes – Learn more about the details of all the features included in this release

Key Features in 8.1 - GA Release: 26 September 2017

  • NetBackup CloudCatalyst – Faster, storage-efficient backups to the cloud with deduplication
  • NetBackup Parallel Streaming – Faster, scale-out backups for Big Data and Hyperconverged clusters
  • NetBackup for Hadoop/HDFS – Parallel, scale-out backups of Hadoop/HDFS clusters
  • NetBackup for Nutanix – Parallel, scale-out backups of Nutanix clusters
  • NetBackup for MySQL – Database-aware backup of MySQL databases
  • Granular VMware backup and recovery – Select virtual drives with a new recovery UI
  • Instant Recovery for Oracle – Access Oracle databases directly from NetBackup Appliance storage
  • NetBackup Accelerator for Dell EMC Isilon – Up to 50% faster NDMP backups for Isilon filers
  • Easier Deployment – Deployment templates and native packaging for all clients
  • Hardened Security – Secure communications and improved encryption options for MSDP storage
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance – Deploy into existing virtual environments, including data centres and remote offices
  • NetBackup 8.1 Release Notes – Learn more about the details for all features included in this release

Key Features in 8.0 - GA Release: 5 December 2016

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 - Support ready for the next generation of workloads and leverage MS Resilient Change Tracking (RCT)
  • NetBackup Accelerator for Microsoft Hyper-V - Leverage Windows Server 2016 and manage virtual data growth with 100x faster VM backups
  • VMware vSphere 6.5 - Support ready for next generation VMware, and individual VMDK file restores to the existing or to an alternate virtual machine
  • VMware vRealize plugin for NetBackup Self-Service - Customisable options give VMware vRealize users the power to manage NetBackup protection
  • NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Office - Download appliance simplicity and support for remote office protection in VMware environments
  • NetBackup Amazon AMI - Simple, fast unified data protection with enterprise-class confidence for workloads running in Amazon EC2 cloud services
  • Integrated Cloud Storage Connectors - Greater flexibility and cloud choice with support for Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, OpenStack Swift, SwiftStack
  • Enhanced NDMP Backup of EMC Isilon Filers - Improved deduplication rates, faster backups and reduced storage for Isilon filer NDMP backups

Key Features in 7.7.3 - GA Release: 6 June 2016

  • VMware Intelligent Policies for VMware Tags - Select and automatically protect virtual machines using tabs in VMware vSphere 6
  • VMware Individual VMDK File Restore - Easily create a new VM with the restore of an individual VMDK in both Windows and Linux
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Connector Compression - Better cloud performance and reduce the cost of sending and storing data in S3 cloud targets
  • OpsCenter Alerting Enhancements and Activity Monitor Filtering - Faster troubleshooting with easy drill-down and improved manageability
  • Client Native Packaging - Simplify Linux client deployments with RPMs for RHEL, SuSE, CentOS and Oracle Linux
  • NetBackup Self-Service Application Protection - Enterprise and MSP multi-tenant self-service backup and restore for Oracle and SQL
  • NetBackup Self-Service Multi Policy Protection - Greater flexibility with new "Protection Types" to protect a client with multiple policies
  • NetBackup Self-Service vCloud Director - 'Single-step' import simplifies the backup and recovery for vCloud environments
  • NetBackup Self-Service System Admin Dashboard - Enhanced administrator view to monitor tenants, data usage and data growth

Key Features in 7.7.2 - GA Release: 1 February 2016

  • Oracle multi-stream restore - A revolutionary new way to accelerate Oracle database recovery with simultaneous restore streams
  • Amazon S3 Standard and Infrequent Access Storage support - Simplifed and automated selection of AWS S3 storage classes
  • NetBackup SQL Intelligent Policies for HA Clusters - Automated discovery SQL instances and failover protection for HA Clusters
  • JAVA UI Enhancements - Added properties editing, more granular filtering and search functions, and Single Sign On (SSO) capabilites
  • Non-Root User Browse and Restore for Files/Folders from VMware Backups - Seamless self-service operations for VMware restores

Key Features in 7.7.1 - GA Release: 5 October 2015

  • VMware Intelligent Policies for VMware Tags - Select and automatically protect virtual machines using VMware tags
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Intelligent Policies with SCVMM - Automated discovery, policy based protection and performance load balancing
  • Microsoft SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups support - Use native SQL backup tools to protect 24/7 resilient Availability Groups
  • Amazon v4 Private Government S3 Cloud support - Enhanced security/authentication requirements for AWS GovCloud storage
  • NetBackup Accelerator for NDMP - Accelerate backup of only changed blocks for 100x faster NDMP backups on NetApp arrays

Key Features in 7.7 - GA Release: 7 July 2015

  • VMware Intelligent Policies for vSAN and vVOL datastores - Automatically discover and protect vSAN and vVOL environments
  • VMware vSphere Web Client Plugin for Instant Recovery - From vSphere Web Client spin up a VM from backup disk in 60 seconds
  • Microsoft Hyper-V System Center VM Manager Addin - NetBackup self-service from Hyper-V console
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Intelligent Policies - Automated VM discovery, policy backups and load balancing for Hyper-V environments
  • Microsoft SQL Intelligent Policies - Advanced SQL protection with automated discovery and policy based backups
  • NetBackup Replication Director NDMP Indexing - Faster backups and file level recovery from indexed NDMP backups
  • NetBackup Replication Director for NetApp cDOT - Integrated lifecycle snapshot management for NetApp Clustered Data OnTap
  • NetBackup Self-Service Updates - Leverage the power of self-service with NetBackup for multi-tenant MSPs and the Enterprise
  • Enhanced Audit Compliance and Reporting - Login specfic "Who did what and when did they do it"
  • FIPS Certification - NIST lab certified for compliance to the FIPS 140-2 standard
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Connector Overview and Enhancements - 30x better S3 cloud performance with multi-stream optimisation
  • NetBackup 7.7 What's New Comparison Matrix

Key Features in 7.6 - GA Release: 18 December 2013

  • VMware Instant Recovery - Power-up production VMs from backup disk in as little as 60 seconds
  • VMware vCloud Suite integration - "Set and Forget" automated protection and recovery for vCloud Director provisioned data centres
  • VMware vCenter Plug-in - Easily manage enteprise NetBackup VM protection and recovery through familiar vCenter console
  • VMware Physical to Virtual (P2V) Bare Metal Recovery - Fast disaster recovey and simplified "physical to virtual" migration
  • NetBackup Accelerator for VMware - Manage virtual data growth with 100x faster VM backups
  • NetBackup Replication Director Enhancements - NetApp NAS/FAS snapshot management for VMware, databases, NDMP and more
  • NetBackup Replication Director for EMC VNX and Celerra - Manage entire lifecycle of EMC snapshots and snapshot replication
  • NetBackup Targeted Auto Image Replication (AIR) - Flexibility to select replicated backup images to individual target domains
  • Oracle Intelligent Policy - Automated database discovery with simplified scheduling and checkbox policy wizards
  • Citrix VM and Application Protection - Protecting Citrix XenServer virtual environments with Hot, Cold and Off-host snapshot backups
  • OpsCenter Enhancements - New 'Look and Feel' with many new 'getting started' wizards and VM reporting

Key Features in 7.5 - GA Release: 13 March 2012

  • VMware VM Application Protection - Full VMDK, File-level, Full and Individual database object recovery from single backup image
  • VMware and Hyper-V Policy Enhancements - Performance optimised, policy based data protection for VMware and Hyper-V environments
  • NetBackup Accelerator - Backup only changed files to reduce CPU, Network and Storage resources and 100x faster backups and faster restores
  • NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) - Automated multi-domain replication disaster recovery tool to protect large global deployments
  • Cloud Storage for AWS, Rackspace, AT&T - Simplified Cloud Storage with wizard driven integration and intelligent bandwidth management
  • Operational Restores with OpsCenter - Faster find and restore with advanced global file search and multi-level filtering capabilities
  • Network Resilience - Automatically ensure successful backups when WANs are dropped or become intermittent
  • NetBackup 7.5 What's New Comparison Matrix

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