Volume Purchase Licence Agreement

Veritas offers customers value in volume.

Providing customers with access to a wide range of Veritas product offerings at a discount.

For enterprise organizations seeking consistent and reliable pricing, the Veritas Volume Purchase Agreement (VPA) offers purchasing predictability via pre-agreed discounting for a fixed period of time.A customer's initial investment will establish the discount that the customer will continue to receive over a 2 or 3 year period.

Features and Benefits

  • Access to all Veritas software and support options*   
  • Fixed purchasing discounts across all program offerings for the life of the agreement
    - Centralized purchasing model as the standard
    - Can accommodate de-centralized purchasing
  • The Veritas Agreement Number (VAN) grants access to the fixed discount
  • Can accommodate single and multiple purchasing entities

*Select product and services must be handled as an exception and may not be available via standard terms.

Volume Purchase Licensing Agreement Criteria

  • Minimum purchase required to participate
  • Essential support must accompany all products
  • Global deployment restrictions may apply
  • Select products and services made available on an exceptional basis

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